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Protein Purification&Separation

For most researchers of biochemistry, structural biology and functional proteomics, they will spent a large amount of time and devote plenty of energy in specific protein or other biomolecules separation and purification. The step above is the most basic experiment procedure and the most important one in whole experimentation which is of crucial significance for laboratory result and experimental cost. Only make it efficiently done could we win the match with other peers.

So who is the “clutch player” in this “nonexplosive warfare”? The answer is high-quality Chromatographic Media. Elabscience® offers an extensive range of chromatographic media for most of biomolecules separation and purification. We have collected our best products for all kinds of packing to help you separate and purify your target molecules easily and efficiently. All of these products have been strictly verified by our responsible and talented technicians, thus are guaranteed to be high-quality and can help you to cut cost and get favorable results. View and see how Elabscience® can help you with your biochemical researches.


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