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TOS and TAS Assay Kits

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TOS and TAS Assay Kits

Total antioxidant status(TAS) and Total oxidant status(TOS) are two indicators to determine all antioxidants or oxidants in samples, which can more comprehensively reflect the changes of oxidant and antioxidant capacity of samples;TAS and TOS are widely used in clinical studies, animal or cell culture testing, and food or beverage testing.

Elabscience has developed total oxidant status and total antioxidant status assay kits with simple operation, time saving and ability of easily measuring all non-enzymatic antioxidants and oxidant molecules.

TAS and TOS Assay Kits Application

Evaluation of the antioxidant capacity of compounds

Why Choose Elabscience® TOS and TAS Assay Kits

Less Sample Volume
Short Reaction Time
Sample Dilution

Elabscience® TOS and TAS Assay Kits

Product Name Size Price
Total Antioxidant Status (TAS) Colorimetric Assay Kit 48T/96T Inquire
Total Oxidant Status (TOS) Colorimetric Assay Kit 48T/96T Inquire

TOS and TAS Detection Principles

TOS Detection Principle
TAS Detection Principle

Other Oxidative Stress Related Biomarker and Assay Kits

Oxidative stress is associated with the development of more than 100 diseases. It is evaluated by measuring the changes in the content of antioxidants or oxidants (oxidation products) in the system.

Oxidation product
Protein carbonyls
Superoxide Anionic
Nonenzymatic antioxidants
Uric acid
enzymatic antioxidants
Glutathione Peroxidase
Common indicators of oxidative stress

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