AF647 Anti-Human CD1a Antibody[OKT-6] E-AB-F1126M

Uniprot : P06126
  • Host: Mouse
  • Applications: FCM
  • Isotype: Mouse IgG1, κ

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Antigen Details

Alternate Names T6, R4,CD 1a,CD1A ,T-cell surface glycoprotein CD1a
Swissprot P06126
1. Blumberg RS, et al. 1995. Immunol. Rev. 147:5.
2. Calabi F, et al. 1991. Tissue Antigens 37:1.
3. Melian A, et al. 1996. Curr. Opin. Immunol. 8:94.

Product Details

Form Liquid
Clone No. OKT-6(See Other Available Formats)
Host Mouse
Isotype Mouse IgG1, κ
Isotype Control AF647 Mouse IgG1, κ Isotype Control[MOPC-21] [Product E-AB-F09792M]
Reactivity Human
Application FCM (See the Application Description)
Storage Buffer PBS with 0.05% Proclin300, 1% BSA
Recommended Use Each lot of this antibody is quality control tested by immunofluorescent staining with flow cytometric analysis. The amount of the reagent is suggested to be used 5 μL of antibody per test (million cells in 100 μL staining volume or per 100 μL of whole blood). Please check your vial before the experiment. Since applications vary, the appropriate dilutions must be determined for individual use.
Shipping Biological ice pack at 4℃
Stability & Storage Keep as concentrated solution.
Store at 2~8℃ and protected from prolonged exposure to light. Do not freeze.
Centrifuge before opening to ensure complete recovery of vial contents.
This product is guaranteed up to one year from purchase.
Conjugation AF647


CD1a is a 49 kD member of the immunoglobulin superfamily also known as T6 and R4. It is a type I membrane glycoprotein with structural similarities to MHC class I and is non-covalently associated with β2-microglobulin. CD1a plays a role in non-peptide glycolipid antigen presentation to CD1-restricted T cells. It is expressed on cortical double positive and single positive thymocytes, Langerhans cells, and dendritic cells. In addition to antigen presentation, CD1a has been implicated in thymic T cell development.

Protocols & Troubleshootings

Related Protocols Staining Cell Surface Targets for Flow Cytometry

Troubleshooting for Flow Cytometry

Alternative Formats

Cat.No. Product Name Sizes
E-AB-F11260 AF/LE Purified Anti-Human CD1a Antibody[OKT-6] E-AB-F11260 50 μg, 500 μg, 1 mg
E-AB-F1126A Purified Anti-Human CD1a Antibody[OKT-6] E-AB-F1126A 25 μg, 100 μg
E-AB-F1126B Biotin Anti-Human CD1a Antibody[OKT-6] E-AB-F1126B 25 μg, 100 μg
E-AB-F1126C FITC Anti-Human CD1a Antibody[OKT-6] E-AB-F1126C 20 Tests, 50 Tests, 100 Tests, 200 Tests
E-AB-F1126D PE Anti-Human CD1a Antibody[OKT-6] E-AB-F1126D 20 Tests, 50 Tests, 100 Tests, 200 Tests
E-AB-F1126E APC Anti-Human CD1a Antibody[OKT-6] E-AB-F1126E 20 Tests, 50 Tests, 100 Tests, 200 Tests
E-AB-F1126G PE/Cyanine5 Anti-Human CD1a Antibody[OKT-6] E-AB-F1126G 20 Tests, 50 Tests, 100 Tests, 200 Tests
E-AB-F1126H PE/Cyanine7 Anti-Human CD1a Antibody[OKT-6] E-AB-F1126H 20 Tests, 50 Tests, 100 Tests, 200 Tests
E-AB-F1126I PE/Cyanine5.5 Anti-Human CD1a Antibody[OKT-6] E-AB-F1126I 20 Tests, 50 Tests, 100 Tests, 200 Tests
E-AB-F1126J PerCP/Cyanine5.5 Anti-Human CD1a Antibody[OKT-6] E-AB-F1126J 20 Tests, 50 Tests, 100 Tests, 200 Tests
E-AB-F1126L AF488 Anti-Human CD1a Antibody[OKT-6] E-AB-F1126L 20 Tests, 50 Tests, 100 Tests, 200 Tests
E-AB-F1126M AF647 Anti-Human CD1a Antibody[OKT-6] E-AB-F1126M 20 Tests, 50 Tests, 100 Tests, 200 Tests


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