AF/LE Purified Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F10290

Uniprot : P16297
  • Host: Rat
  • Applications: FCM,IP
  • Isotype: Rat IgG2a, κ

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  • 50 μg
  • 500 μg
  • 1 mg
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Antigen Details

Alternate Names Interleukin-2 receptor subunit beta,Il2rb,IL-2 receptor subunit beta, IL-2R subunit beta,IL-2RB,High affinity IL-2 receptor subunit beta,p70-75,CD122
Swissprot P16297
1. Barclay A, et al. 1997. The Leukocyte Antigen FactsBook Academic Press.
2. Minami Y, et al. 1993. Annu. Rev. Immunol. 11:245.
3. Suzuki H, et al. 1995. Science 268:1472.
4. Shi Z, et al. 2009. Eur. J. Immunol. 39:2109.

Product Details

Form Liquid
Clone No. 5H4(See Other Available Formats)
Host Rat
Isotype Rat IgG2a, κ
Isotype Control AF/LE Purified Rat IgG2a, κ Isotype Control[2A3] [Product E-AB-F098330]
Reactivity Mouse
Application FCM,IP (See the Application Description)
Storage Buffer 0.2 μm filtered in PBS, pH7.2. Azide Free (AF)/Low Endotoxin (LE): Contains no stabilizers or preservatives. Endotoxin level is < 2 EU/mg as Determined by LAL gel clotting assay.
Recommended Use Each lot of this antibody is quality control tested by immunofluorescent staining with flow cytometric analysis. For flow cytometric staining, the suggested use of this reagent is ≤ 0.5 g per 106 cells in 100 μL volume or 100 μL of whole blood. It is recommended that the reagent be titrated for optimal performance for each application.
Shipping Biological ice pack at 4℃
Stability & Storage Keep as concentrated solution.
Store at 2~8℃. Do not freeze.
Centrifuge before opening to ensure complete recovery of vial contents.
This product is guaranteed up to one year from purchase.
Conjugation None (Purified antibody/Azide Free/Low endotoxin)


CD122 is a 70-75 kD IL-2 receptor β chain also known as IL-2Rβ, which is also shared by the IL-15 receptor. It is constitutively expressed by NK cells and at lower levels by T cells, B cells, monocytes, and macrophages. The IL-2Rβ chain can combine with either the common γ subunit (γc, CD132) alone or with the γc subunit and the IL-2Rα subunit (CD25) to generate intermediate or high affinity IL-2 receptor complexes, respectively. CD122 expression levels can be upregulated by activation. The 5H4 antibody does not block IL-2 binding to the IL-2 receptor. CD122 is expressed on murine, but not human, CD8+ Tregs involved in the maintenance of T cell homeostasis.

Protocols & Troubleshootings

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Troubleshooting for Flow Cytometry

Alternative Formats

Cat.No. Product Name Sizes
E-AB-F10290 AF/LE Purified Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F10290 50 μg, 500 μg, 1 mg
E-AB-F1029A Purified Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029A 50 μg, 100 μg
E-AB-F1029B Biotin Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029B 50 μg, 100 μg
E-AB-F1029C FITC Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029C 50 Tests, 100 Tests, 500 Tests
E-AB-F1029D PE Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029D 50 Tests, 100 Tests, 500 Tests
E-AB-F1029E APC Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029E 50 Tests, 100 Tests, 500 Tests
E-AB-F1029G PE/Cyanine5 Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029G 20 Tests, 50 Tests, 100 Tests, 500 Tests
E-AB-F1029H PE/Cyanine7 Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029H 20 Tests, 50 Tests, 100 Tests, 500 Tests
E-AB-F1029I PE/Cyanine5.5 Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029I 20 Tests, 50 Tests, 100 Tests, 500 Tests
E-AB-F1029J PerCP/Cyanine5.5 Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029J 20 Tests, 50 Tests, 100 Tests, 500 Tests
E-AB-F1029L AF488 Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029L 20 Tests, 50 Tests, 100 Tests, 500 Tests
E-AB-F1029M AF647 Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029M 20 Tests, 50 Tests, 100 Tests, 500 Tests
E-AB-F1029UC FITC Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029UC 25μg, 50μg, 100μg
E-AB-F1029UD PE Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029UD 25μg, 50μg, 100μg
E-AB-F1029UE APC Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029UE 25μg, 50μg, 100μg
E-AB-F1029UG PE/Cyanine5 Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029UG 25μg, 50μg, 100μg
E-AB-F1029UH PE/Cyanine7 Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029UH 25μg, 50μg, 100μg
E-AB-F1029UI PE/Cyanine5.5 Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029UI 25μg, 50μg, 100μg
E-AB-F1029UJ PerCP/Cyanine5.5 Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029UJ 25μg, 50μg, 100μg
E-AB-F1029UL AF488 Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029UL 25μg, 50μg, 100μg
E-AB-F1029UM AF647 Anti-Mouse CD122 Antibody[5H4] E-AB-F1029UM 25μg, 50μg, 100μg


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