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α-Glucosidase (α-GC) Activity Assay Kit

  • Cat.No.:E-BC-K821-M

  • Detection instrument: Microplate reader (390-405 nm, optimum wavelength: 400 nm)

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Detection principle

α-Glucosidase (α-GC), also known as α-D-glucoside hydrolase, is widely distributed in nature, with a wide variety of species and different properties, and exists in almost all organisms. It has important physiological functions in carbohydrate metabolism in animals, plants and microorganisms. If α-GC is deficient, it leads to severe glycogen metabolism disorders and excessive glycogen accumulation, which can cause Pompah's disease (an autosomal recessive inherited glycogen storage disease, also known as glycogenosis type II). Long-term low α-GC activity in human tissues can cause muscle fiber destruction and muscle atrophy. The detection principle of this kit is that the chromogenic substance generated by the substrate reaction catalyzed by α-glucosidase has the maximum absorption at 400 nm, and the enzyme activity of α-GC can be reflected by measuring its OD value at 400 nm.

Performance characteristics

Synonyms α-GC
Sample type tissue;fungus
Sensitivity 0.35 U/L
Detection range 0.35-33.43 U/L
Detection method Colorimetric method
Assay type Enzyme Activity
Assay time 50 min
Precision Average inter-assay CV: 4.2-6.6%Average intra-assay CV: 4.4-5.7%
Other instruments required Incubator (37℃)
Storage -20℃
Valid period 12 months



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