CLO(Clorprenaline) ELISA Kit

    • Food Safety ELISA Kit-Elabscience
    • Food Safety ELISA Kit-Elabscience
    • Food Safety ELISA Kit-Elabscience
    • Food Safety ELISA Kit-Elabscience
    • Food Safety ELISA Kit-Elabscience
    • Food Safety ELISA Kit-Elabscience

      Catalog number:E-FS-E089

      • 96T
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      Price: $276

      sample_type: Tissue,Serum,Urine

      Sensitivity: 0.05 ppb

      reactivity: Universal

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      Test principle

      This kit uses Competitive-ELISA as the method. It can be used to detect Clorprenaline (CLO) in samples, such as serum, urine, tissue, etc. This kit is composed of ELISA Microtiter plate, HRP conjugate, standard and other supplementary reagents. The microtiter plate in this kit has been pre-coated with coupled antigen. During the reaction, CLO in the samples or standard competes with coupled antigen on the solid phase supporter for sites of anti-CLO antibody. Then Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) conjugate is added to each microtiter plate well, and TMB substrate is added for color development. There is a negative correlation between the OD value of samples and the concentration of CLO. The concentration of CLO in the samples can be calculated by comparing the OD of the samples to the standard curve.

      Technical indicator

      Sensitivity: 0.05 ppb (ng/mL)

      Reaction mode: 25℃,30 min~15 min

      Detection limit: Serum --- 0.25 ppb; urine, Tissue --- 0.5 ppb






      Dobutamine, Mabuterol, Ractopamine


      Clenproperol, Cimaterol, Cimbuterol 


      Clenpenterol, Mapenterol, Terbutaline


      Bromchlorbuterol, Salbutamol, Clenbuterol


      Brombuterol, Carbuterol


      Sample recovery rate: 100%±30%. 

      Kits components



      ELISA Microtiter plate

      96 wells

      Standard Liquid

      1.5 mL each

      (0 ppb, 0.05 ppb, 0.15 ppb, 0.45 ppb, 1.35 ppb, 4.05ppb)

      Sample Dilution

      30 mL

      11×Concentrated HRP Conjugate Solution 

      1 mL

      HRP Conjugate Dilution

      10 mL

      Substrate Reagent A

      7 mL

      Substrate Reagent B

      7 mL

      Stop Solution

      7 mL

      20×Concentrated Wash Buffer

      25 mL

      Plate Sealer

      3 pieces

      Sealed Bag

      1 piece


      1 copy


      Other materials required but not supplied

      Instrument: Microplate Reader, Homogenizer, water bath, Oscillators, Centrifuge, Balance (sensibility 0.01 g).

      Micropipettor: Single-channel (20-200 μL, 100-1000 μL), Multi-channel (300 μL) 

      Storage and valid period

      Store at 2~8for 1 year. Avoid freeze.

      Please store the opened kit at 2~8, protect from light and moisture. The valid period is 1 months.

      Expiry date: expiration date is on the packing box.

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      MSDS for ELISA ISO 9001

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