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Recombinant SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid Protein (His Tag)

  • Cat.No.:PKSR030497

  • Expression host: Baculovirus-Insect Cells

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Synonyms 2019-nCoV coronavirus NP Protein;2019-nCoV np Protein;2019-nCoV novel coronavirus Nucleoprotein Protein
Species SARS-CoV-2
Expression_host Baculovirus-Insect Cells
Sequence Met1-Ala419
Accession YP_009724397.2
Application Immunogen(E-AB-V1015,E-AB-V1016)
Mol_Mass 47.1 kDa
Tag C-His


Purity > 90 % as determined by reducing SDS-PAGE.
Endotoxin level < 1.0 EU per μg of the protein as determined by the LAL method.
Storage Generally, lyophilized proteins are stable for up to 12 months when stored at -20 to -80℃. Reconstituted protein solution can be stored at 4-8℃ for 2-7 days. Aliquots of reconstituted samples are stable at < -20℃ for 3 months.
Shipping This product is provided as lyophilized powder which is shipped with ice packs.
Formulation LyopHilized from sterile 20 mM Tris, 500 mM NaCl, pH8.0, 10% glycerol.
Normally 5 % - 8 % trehalose, mannitol and 0.01% Tween80 are added as protectants before lyophilization.
Please refer to the specific buffer information in the printed manual.
Reconstitution Please refer to the printed manual for detailed information.


Coronaviruses are enveloped viruses with a positive-sense RNA genome and with a nucleocapsid of helical symmetry. Coronavirus nucleoproteins localize to the cytoplasm and the nucleolus, a subnuclear structure, in both virus-infected primary cells and in cells transfected with plasmids that express N protein. Coronavirus N protein is required for coronavirus RNA synthesis, and has RNA chaperone activity that may be involved in template switch. Nucleocapsid protein is a most abundant protein of coronavirus. During virion assembly, N protein binds to viral RNA and leads to formation of the helical nucleocapsid. Nucleocapsid protein is a highly immunogenic phosphoprotein also implicated in viral genome replication and in modulating cell signaling pathways. Because of the conservation of N protein sequence and its strong immunogenicity, the N protein of coronavirus is chosen as a diagnostic tool.



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