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Bacterial Expression

Prokaryotic protein expression system is the most common and economical protein expression method today, and the E. coli expression system is one of the most important and widely used prokaryotic protein expression systems. Elabscience's E. coli protein expression system service starts with our proprietary codon optimization and protein analysis (S-CP-P001), then gene will be synthesised and subcloned (S-CP-P002), there are all kinds of pET series vectors and integrate GST or MBP tags to select according to customer needs, and there is tag removal service (S-CP-P005), during the transformation and small test, multiple expression strains such as BL21 (DE3), T7 Express, Rosseta gami (DE3) plys, Shuffle T7B, BL21 Codon Plus (DE3) are provided (S-CP-P003). In addition, we provide endotoxin removal service (S-CP-P008) to meet your special requirements. You can order each service or any combination of these services according to the project plan.

Submit your project information and requirements and place an order. Our experienced experts will help you with your research and promise to provide you with quality services at a competitive price.


Competitive price: Starting from $1,200.

Short period: As short as 5 weeks.

Guaranteed Package: 1~5 mg of purified proteins with a competitive price of $1,980.

High-purity protein protein production: A variety of purification methods combined with protein purification system can customize purity ≥95%.

One-stop service platform: Elabscience® can take your project directly from gene synthesis to downstream activities including recombinant protein expression, antibody production, and assay development.

E.coli Expression and Purification Service (E.coli System) Details

Cat. No.

Service Name



Quoted price


Analysis of gene and target protein

1-2 days

  • Analysis of results



Gene synthesis and preparation of expression vector

2-3 weeks

  • Expression vector containing the target gene
  • Target sequencing report
  • Escherichia coli containing expression vector plasmid
  • Related analysis reports



Transform and optimized expression condition

1-2 weeks

  • The optimum inducing conditions (temperature, time, concentration of IPTG)
  • Analysis of protein solubility



Large scale expression in 1L and tag affinity purification

2-3 weeks

  • 1L bacterial expression, purity≥80% of target protein fused with His tag
  • Related analysis reports

$460(The price of each additional 1L increases $400)


Tag removal and subsequent purification

1-2 weeks

  • 1L bacterial expression, purity≥85%, without tag target protein
  • Enzyme digestion test and purification report



The secondary purification

1 week

  • Purity≥90%, total 1-5mg target protein
  • Related analysis reports



Final purification

1 week

  • Purity≥95%, total 1-5mg target protein
  • Related analysis reports



Endotoxin removal

1 week

  • 1-5mg target protein, endotoxin < 1Eu /μg


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