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Bacterial Expression

Prokaryotic protein expression system is the most common and economical method of protein expression available today, and E.coli expression syetem is one of the important and widely used  prokaryotic protein expression system. Elabscience's E.coli Protein Expression System Service start with our proprietary codon optimization (S-CP-P001), followed by gene synthesis and sub cloning (S-CP-P002), protein expression and purification (S-CP-P003). Besides, we can produce your target protein in large scale (1~5L, S-CP-P004 or 1~30L, S-CP-P005). High-quality and purified protein can be delivered to you in as short as 3~5 weeks from project initiation. You can order every single service or any combination of these services according to your project program.

Submit your project information and requirements and place your order, our experienced experts will help with your research and promise you the high quality services with competitive price.


Competitive price: Starting from $1,200.

Short period: As short as 5 weeks.

Guaranteed Package: 2~10 mg of purified proteins with a competitive price of $1,980.

Flexible scale-up protein production: A wide variety of choices available (1L, 5L, 10L and 30L).

One-stop service platform: Elabscience® can take your project directly from gene synthesis to downstream activities including recombinant protein expression,antibody production, and assay development.

E.coli Expression and Purification Service (E.coli System) Details

Cat. No.

Service Name




Quoted price


Analysis of gene and target protein

  • Codon optimization, protein hydrophilic, hydrophobic, PI, structural domain, etc

1-2 days

  • Analysis of results



Gene synthesis and preparation of expression vector

  • Gene synthesis
  • Cloning into appropriate expression vector

2-3 weeks

  • Expression vector containing the target gene
  • Target sequencing report
  • E. coli containing plasmids of the expression vector
  • Plasmid instructions



Prokaryotic expression and purification in very small quantities.

  • Protein expression optimization. (Using the expression vector and strain provided by customers or prepared by Elabscience.)

2-3 weeks

  • The optimum inducing conditions (temperature, time, concentration of  IPTG)
  • Analysis of protein solubility
  • Purification condition and refolding condition for inclusion body



Prokaryotic expression and purification in large scale.

  • Carry out the experiment with the optimized expression condition
  • Expression volume: 1-5L

2-3 weeks

  • Large amount of purified protein (1-10 mg)
  • Related analysis reports



High density cultivation of prokaryotic expression in fermentation tanks and purification

  • Carry out the experiment with the optimized expression condition Expression volume: 1-30L

3-5 weeks

  • Ultra large amount of purified protein: We have fermentation tanks of 10L and 30L, thus high-purified protein up to gram level can be delivered within 4 weeks.
  • Related analysis reports


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