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One-step TUNEL Apoptosis Kit (Red, AF594)

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Detection principle

When cells undergo apoptosis, specific DNA endonucleases will be activated, cutting the genomic DNA between the nucleosomes. After extraction and loading for electrophoresis, a DNA ladder of 180-200bp can be found in such DNA samples, which is a specific event during cell apoptosis. The exposed 3'-OH of the broken DNA can be catalyzed by Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase (TdT) with labeled dUTP, which can be detected with microscopy or flow cytometry.

Elabscience® One-step TUNEL Assay Kit is a highly sensitive, fast and simple method for cell apoptosis detection. The test results can be directly observed through a fluorescence microscope. This kit is suitable for in situ apoptosis detection of tissue samples (Paraffin embedding, freezing and ultrathin section) and cells (Cell smears, cell climbing smears) in situ apoptotic detection.


Cat. Products 20 Assays 50 Assays 100 Assays
E-CK-A32A TdT Equilibration Buffer 4 mL 9 mL 9 mL × 2
E-CK-A32B TdT Enzyme 100 μL 250 μL 250 μL × 2
E-CK-A32C Proteinase K (100 ×) 20 μL 50 μL 100 μL
E-CK-A322D Labeling Solution 100 μL × 2 100 μL × 5 100 μL × 10
E-CK-A32E DNase I (20 U/μL) 5 μL 13 μL 25 μL
E-CK-A32F DNase I Buffer (10 ×) 300 μL 700 μL 1500 μL
E-CK-A32G DAPI (25 ×)  100μL 250μL 500μL

Related Reagents

1.Cell sample
Fixative Buffer (Polyformaldehyde dissolved in PBS with final concentration of 4%) (It is recommended to use Elabscience®E-IR-R113).
Permeablilization Buffer (Triton-100 dissolved in PBS with final concentration of 0.2%) (It is recommended to use Elabscience® E-IR-R122).

2.Paraffin embedding
Xylene, ethanol.

3.Freezing section
Fixative Buffer (Polyformaldehyde dissolved in PBS with final concentration of 4%) (It is recommended to use Elabscience® E-IR-R113).

4.Other reagents
PBS (It is recommended to use Elabscience® E-BC-R187).
Anti-Fluorescence Quenching Agent (It is recommended to use Elabscience® E-IR-R119).


Store at -20°C for 12 months. Labeling Solution and DAPI (25 ×) should be stored in the dark.


1.Avoid repeated freezing and thawing of the Label Solution and TdT enzyme, Vortex and mix well before use.

2.After washing the slides with PBS, please wipe dry the liquid around the tissue on the slides with absorbent paper.

3.Keep the sample moist during the experiment to prevent the failure of the experiment caused by dry slices.

4.This kit is for research use only. For your safety and health, please wear lab clothes and gloves. Instructions should be followed strictly, changes of operation may result in unreliable results.

Operation Guide

One-step TUNEL (Cell Slide) Operation Guide
One-step TUNEL (Paraffin Section) Operation Guide


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