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One-step TUNEL In Situ Apoptosis Kit (Red, Elab Fluor® 594)

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Detection principle

When cells undergo apoptosis, specific DNA endonucleases will be activated, cutting the genomic DNA between the nucleosomes. The DNA of apoptotic cells is cleaved into multimers of 180~200bp fragments, corresponding to the oligonucleosomal size. Therefore, the DNA of apoptotic cells typically migrates as a ladder of 180~200bp on an agarose gel. The exposed 3'-OH of the broken DNA can be catalyzed by Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase (TdT) with fluorescein labeled dUTP, which can be detected with fluorescence microscope.

General Information

Application DNA Fragmentation
Detection method Fluorometric Method
Sample type Paraffin section, frozen section, cell slide
Assay time 3 hours
Detection instrument Fluorescence Microscope
Dye Type Elab Fluor® 594
Ex/Em (nm) 590/617
Filter set TRITC
Other reagents required 4% Paraformaldehyde(E-IR-R113),0.2% Triton X-100(E-IR-R122),PBS(E-IR-R187),ddH2O,Mounting solution with anti-fluorescence quencher(E-IR-R119),Xylene,Ethanol
Storage -20°C, shading light
Shipping Ice bag
Expiration date 12 months

Operation Guide


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