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NF-kB Signaling Pathway

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NF-kB Signaling Pathway IL-1 TNF IL1R TNFR LTβR CD40 JNK P38 UV Ub Ub Ub Ub Ub Tax BTRC BTRC IRAK1/4 TRAF2/6 Ubc13 UEV1A Ub-TRAF6 TRAF6 IkBα/β/ε Proteasomal Degradation Nuclear-cytoplasmic shuttling of non- phosphorylated forms Genotoxic Stress Proteasomal Processing Lymphogenesis B Cell Maturation Proliferation,Inflammation Survival,Immune Regulation IkBα IKKα/β/ε PKC ζ PKA C GSK3β RPS6KA5 RPS6KA1 NAA25 TBK1 P65/RelA P65/RelA NFκB2P100 Ub RELB RELB RELB RelA RelA c-Rel c-Rel NF-κB2 P52 NF-κB2 P52 NF-κB2 P52 NFκB1 P50 NFκB1 P50 NFκB p50/52 NFκB p50/52 NFκB p50/52 NFκB p50/52 P65/RelA AC Pellino MYD88 BR3 BAFF/BLys LT,CD40L, Stress:ROIs, UV,metals, ischemia, shear GF-Rs Insulin,NGF,TGF-α BMP,EGF,HGH, Growth Factors: CSNK2A1 CSNK2A1 MAP3K7 TAB1/2 ELKS IKKβ IKKα IKKα IKKα IKKα IKKγ/NEMO SUMO ATM PIASγ HDAC p300 CREBBP KAT2B IkBα/ε Nucleus Cytoplasm IκBζ Bcl-3 PARP1 IKKα Histone H3 RNF11 TAB2/3 AIP4 TNFAIP3 TRADD TRAF2/5-Ub Ubc13 TAX1BP1 IKKγ/NEMO IKKγ/NEMO IKKγ/NEMO Ub Ub Ub LUBAC CYLD CYLD RAS TRAF2 clAP1/2 TRAF3 PI3K PDK1 AKT COT MAP3K7 MAP3K14 RIPK-Ub
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