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MAPK-p38 Signaling Pathway

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MAPK-p38 Signaling Pathway UV, Oxidative Stress Inflammatory lytokines, FasL TGF-β Type Ⅱ Receptor TypeⅠ Receptor GPCR TRADD TRAF2 DAXX Gαo RIP DLK MEKK1-4 MAP2K4 MKNK1/2 cPLA 2 ARHGDI HSP27 CREB NFkB-p65 Histone H3 HMGN1 ATF1 ETV1 RARA ATF2 CHOP P53 MEF2 MAX STAT1 ELK1 ETS1 Myc PAX6 EEA1 Endocytic Trafficking Neuronal Polarity Translation TNF-α Biosynthesis Cytokine-induced mRNA stability Cytokine Production Apoptosis Transcription EEF2K MAP3K7 p90RSK TAB1 MAP3K5/6 MAP2K3/6 MAPKAPK5 p38 MAPK p38 MAPK MAPKAPK3 MAPKAPK3 PRAK MAPKAPK2 MAPKAPK2 RPS6KA4/5 TAOK1/2/3 MLK2/3
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