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Regulation of Apoptosis

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Regulation of Apoptosis TNF,FASLG ER Stress [Ca ++ ] Calpain DNA Damage Cell Cycle Survial Factors, Growth Factors, Cytokines, etc. APP Rock DNA Repair DNA Fragmentation Cell Shrinkage Membrane Blebbing BID Bax Bak BAD MAP4K4 MAP3K5 JNK P53 SIR2 PKC CDK1 PI3K AKT GSK-3 FKHR EndoG AIF FASLG NFKB CYCS Apa11 Bcl-2 HtrA2 Ub Ub Ub Bcl-x RPS6KA1 ERK1/2 smac/ Diablo BCL10 Caspase-8,-10 Caspase9 Caspase2 Caspase-12 Caspase-3,-6,-7
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