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Focus on Developing and Manufacturing ELISA Assay Kits Set for Your Academic Research

Elabscience offers thousands of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits for researchers, The species include human, mouse, rat, rabbit, monkey, porcine, etc. As a professional ELISA kits manufacturer and supplier, our ELISA test kits have been strictly quality-controlled to ensure the accuracy of results. Elabscience is committed to providing high quality ELISA kits with a very economical price. We always take the "customer oriented", provide the best and professional services to customers. You can contact our distributors all around the world for purchase, or you can also buy our ELISA kits online directly.

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ELISA Kits Research Areas

QuicKey ELISA®

QuicKey ELISA® kit developed by Elabscience is an improvement of the traditional sandwich ELISA kit. It simplifies the operation process, saves at least 1h and requires less sample volume for assays, greatly improves the detection effciency.

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Sandwich ELISA

circleSandwich ELISA

Sandwich ELISA (or sandwich immunoassay) is the most commonly used elisa method. This format requires two antibodies/antigens specific for different epitopes of the antigen/antibodies. These two antibodies/antigens are normally referred to as matched antibody/antigen pairs. One of the antibodies/antigen is coated on the surface of the micro plate and used as the capture antibody/antigen to immobilize the tested analyte. The other antibody/antigen is conjugated with biotin or other markers to facilitate the detection of the analyte.

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Competitive ELISA

Generally, Competitive ELISA (or competitive immunoassay) is applied for small molecular detection. The sample antigen competes with the pre-coated antigen for binding to a specific amount of labeled antibody. This assay only requires a single antibody conjugated to biotin commonly to facilitate the detection of the analyte.

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Competitive ELISA

Elabscience® ELISA Kits Cited In Publications

Elabscience products have been cited in more than 6000 papers published by SCI journals, the total impact factor has been over 10000 of those papers using our ELISA kits, covering many top journals in biology research, such as Nature, Cell, Nature Medicine, Circulation, Immunity, Cell Stem Cell, Advanced Materials, Gut, etc.

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