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One-step TUNEL Assay Kit

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One-step TUNEL Assay Kit

Elabscience® improves the process of the entire line of products, and offers you a highly sensitive, fast and simple apoptosis detection kit (TUNEL) at a lower price and a better product experience, which can better assist in apoptosis research on diseases related to cell function and research and development of related drugs.

One-step TUNEL assay kit ( FITC, AF488, AF594, EV450, AF647, AF555) is suitable for in situ apoptosis detection of tissue samples (Paraffin embedding, frozen section) and cells (Cell smears, cell climbing smears) in situ apoptotic detection. The test results can be directly observed through a fluorescence microscope.

Elabscience® One-step TUNEL Assay Products

Product Name Ex/Em Price
One-step TUNEL Apoptosis Kit (Green, FITC) 20 Assays/ 50 Assays/ 100 Assays $150/ $220/ $420
One-step TUNEL Apoptosis Kit (Green, AF488) 20 Assays/ 50 Assays/ 100 Assays $150/ $220/ $420
One-step TUNEL Apoptosis Kit (Red, AF594) 20 Assays/ 50 Assays/ 100 Assays $150/ $220/ $420
One-step TUNEL Apoptosis Kit (Blue, EV450) 20 Assays/ 50 Assays/ 100 Assays $150/ $220/ $420
One-step TUNEL Apoptosis Kit (Red, AF647) 20 Assays/ 50 Assays/ 100 Assays $150/ $220/ $420
One-step TUNEL Apoptosis Kit (Red, AF555) 20 Assays/ 50 Assays/ 100 Assays $150/ $220/ $420

How to choose an appropriate TUNEL assay kit?


  • Functional study of cell apoptosis
    The effect of gene up-regulation or down-regulation on cell function
    The effect of drugs on the function of cancer cells
    The effect of viruses on cell function
  • Research on apoptosis-related diseases
    Insufficient apoptosis: tumors, autoimmune diseases, viral infections
    Excessive apoptosis: cardiovascular disease, blood system disease, severe hepatitis, degenerative neurological disease

Why Choose Elabscience® One-step TUNEL Assay Kits?

  • Safety: The new buffer does not contain cacodylate, which is safe and non-toxic.

    Multi-color:There are red, green, blue and other colors to choose from, and can be customized for more needs

    Efficiency:Only one step of dyeing reaction, fast and simple

  • Accuracy: High sensitivity, low background, good specificity, strong signal

    Stability: Strict quality control to ensure repeatability between batches

    High quality: The quality is equivalent to TUNEL products of other commercial available brands

Example Data Analysis

Detection Principle

When cells undergo apoptosis, specific DNA endonucleases will be activated, cutting the genomic DNA between the nucleosomes. After extraction and loading for electrophoresis, a DNA ladder of 180-200 bp can be found in such DNA samples, which is a specific event during cell apoptosis. The exposed 3'-OH of the broken DNA can be catalyzed by Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase (TdT) with labeled dUTP, which can be detected with fluorescence microscopy or flow cytometry.。


Operation Guide

One-step TUNEL (Cell Slide) Operation Guide
One-step TUNEL (Paraffin Section) Operation Guide

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