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QuicKey Pro ELISA

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What is QuicKey Pro ELISA ?

Elabscience® QuicKey Pro is an updated ELISA system based on our in-house developed Elabscience® QuicKey ELISA® Kit, the Elabscience® QuicKey Pro ELISA Kit applies the ELISA system that would only require one step of washing, and one step of sample addition, the whole experiment takes only 90 minutes. Compared with the traditional ELISA Kit, the operation time can be reduced by 1-2 hour, which is of great help to the experiment efficiency.

Why choose QuicKey Pro ELISA Kit?

  • Shorter experiment time
  • Easier experimental process
  • Superior product performance
  • More convenient storage
  • Traditional ELISA
    Operation time:3.5h
    Sample volume:100μL
    Operation Steps:3 steps
  • QuicKey ELISA®
    Operation time:2.5h
    Sample volume:50μL
    Operation Steps:2 steps
  • QuicKey Pro ELISA
    Operation time:1.5h
    Sample volume:50μL
    Operation Steps:1 step

24T ELISA Kit Trial Size Only $150/Kit

Elabscience® provides you with 24T ELISA kit trial size only $150/kit, and free shipping to save your budget. If you are satisfied, you can try more. Time and quantity limited, get now.

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QuicKey Pro ELISA Product Information

Product Name Method Detection Range Sensitivity
QuicKey Pro Human IL-6(Interleukin 6) ELISA Kit Sandwich 3.13-200pg/mL 1.02pg/mL
QuicKey Pro Human AMH(Anti-Mullerian Hormone) ELISA Kit Sandwich 78.13-5000pg/mL 46.88pg/mL
QuicKey Pro Human D2D(D-Dimer) ELISA Kit Sandwich 125-4000pg/mL 53.1pg/mL
QuicKey Pro Human E2(Estradiol) ELISA Kit Competitive 31.25~2000pg/mL 13.22pg/mL
QuicKey Pro Human T(Testosterone)ELISA Kit Competitive 0.63-40ng/mL 0.24ng/mL
QuicKey Pro Human Pg(Progesterone) ELISA Kit Competitive 78.13-5000pg/mL 36.24pg/mL

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Procedure of the QuicKey Pro ELISA Kit

QuicKey Pro Sandwich method

QuicKey Pro® Sandwich method

QuicKey Pro Competitive method

QuicKey Pro®Competitive method

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