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Fluorometric Assay Kit

Elabscience® has developed a series of metabolism assay kits with simple operation, high sensitivity and excellent quality through the method of enzyme reaction with fluorescent probe, allowing you to obtain accurate results in less time and samples. Elabscience® fluorometric assay kits have applications in Oxidative stress, Liver biomarkers and Kidney biomarkers, Glycolysis, Lipids metabolism, etc. Fluorometric assay kits are suitable for a variety of sample types, involving a variety of body fluids, tissue and cells. The main fluorometric detection instrument is the fluorescence microplate reader. Fluorometric assay kits can help you to upgrade your metabolism assay experiments!

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Why Do You Want to Choose Fluorometric Assay Kit?

Fluorometric Kit VS Colorimetric Kit

Less Sample Volume

High Sensitivity: 2 ~ 4 orders of
magnitude higher than colorimetric kit

High Specificity

Fluorometric Assay Kit Advantages


Provide dilution factor of the sample
(Improve experimental efficiency,Fewer experiments )

Sample type Dilution factor Sample type Dilution factor
Human serum 10-20 10% Rat liver tissue 200-400
Rat serum 200-400 10% Mouse kidney tissue 200-400
Mouse plasma 100-300 10% Rat brain tissue 200-400
Rabbit serum 100-300 10% Rat lung tissue 200-400

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Q:Why is the fluorescence value of standard significantly different from those provided in the manual?

A:Different instruments use different methods, so there is no comparability between the fluorescence value measured by different instruments, but this won't affect the measurement results.

Q:How to dilute the sample?

A:Sample dilution factor provided in the manual can be referred. If not, you can select three dilution multiples of high, medium and low for pre-experimental determination according to the results in the literature.

Q:Lower readings in samples and standards

A:Please be sure to verify the expiration date and store the kits properly, at the meantime you can check whether the parameter page is the top reading or not.

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