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Metabolism Assays

Metabolism assays are analytical methods that quantitatively determine the activity of metabolites or cellular processes. The assays provide valuable insights into metabolic reactions and the mechanisms of action of biomolecules such as carbohydrates and proteins to help you understand the metabolic pathway/phenotype changes in research.

Elabscience® metabolism assay kits has a complete set of indicators and a wide range of applications, including Oxidative Stress,  Liver & Renal Function,  Amino Acids & Proteins,  Glycolysis & Lipid Metabolism,  Plant Physiology Series,  Tricarboxylic Acid(TCA)Cycle,  Mitochondria Function,  Metabolic Diseases,  Cuproptosis,  Ferroptosis,  Inorganic Ions, etc. The assay kits are suitable for a variety of sample types and the commonly used detection instruments which have spectrophotometer, microplate reader, fluorescence microplate reader, flow cytometer. Elabscience high quality metabolism assay kits have been sold to more than 100 countries around the world. You can contact our distributors all around the world for purchase, or you can also buy our assay kits online directly.

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  • Suitable for a Variety of Sample Types and no species specificity
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Metabolism Assay Kits Research Areas

ELabscience Metabolism Kits Cited in Publcation

Elabscience® products have been cited in nearly 11000 papers published by SCI journals, the total impact factor has been over 40000 of those papers using our products, covering many top journals in biology research, such as Nature, Cell, Nature Medicine, Circulation, Immunity, Cell Stem Cell, Advanced Materials, Gut, etc.

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  • Indicator:FFA



    Research Areas:Carbohydrate & lipid metabolism

  • Indicator:Lactic Acid

    Journal:Cellular & Molecular Immunology


    Research Areas:Carbohydrate & lipid metabolism

  • Indicator:NEFA

    Journal:Natural Metabolism


    Research Areas:Liver biomarkers /Kidney biomarkers

  • Indicator:Pyruvic Acid

    Journal:Nano Today


    Research Areas:TCA Cycle

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Colorimetric Method

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Microplate reader

Microplate reader

Fluorescence Method

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Fluorescence Microplate reader

Fluorescence Microplate reader

Flow Cytometer

Flow Cytometer

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