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Amino Acids & Proteins

The normal metabolism of amino acids is an important basis for life activities. All tissue cells can metabolize amino acids, including deamination, decarboxylation, ammonia metabolism and oxidative decomposition capacity.

Elabscience® offers a variety of methods to detect total protein content, such as BCA, Biuret, and Coomassie brilliant Blue. The biuret method is preferred to detect the total protein content in serum. If the sample contains chelating agent such as EGTA, high concentration EDTA or reducing agent such as DTT, mercaptoethanol, only Coomassie brilliant blue method is suggested for the detection. The BCA method is preferred to detect the total protein content in plant samples.

Methods BCA Coomassie blue G-250 Biuret method
Advantages 1. Simple operation and high sensitivity 1. High accuracy, good linearity 1. Regardless of temperature, different proteins produce similar shades of color
2. High accuracy, good linearity 2. The determination is rapid, simple and stable 2. Good repeatability
3. Compatible with a wide set of detergents 3. Not subject to reducing agents such as mercaptoethanol 3. High accuracy, not affected by the type of protein
Disadvantages 1. Subject to reducing agents such as mercaptoethanol 1. Great deviations in the determination of different proteins 1. Poor sensitivity
2. Some substances will cause interference, such as glycerin 2. Many interfering substances, such as chelating agent and reducing agent
sample Serum, plasma, culture medium, animal and plant tissue, and culture cell samples Blood, serum, plasma, animal tissue Serum, plasma, animal tissue

Elabscience® offers a variety of metabolism assay kits related to amino acid & proteins research to meet your experiment needs.

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