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Th1/Th2/ Th17 Cell Population Detection

Th1/Th2/ Th17 Cell Group Detection

Th cells (helper T cells) mainly activate macrophages and other immune cells to phagocytose and clear antigens through different subpopulations and interactions. Its main classifications include Th1, Th2, Th17, etc.

Th1 cell: Cytokines secreted by Th1 enhance cell-mediated anti-infective immunity.

Th2 cell: Th2 assists in the activation of B cells, and its secreted cytokines can also promote B cell proliferation, differentiation, and antibody generation. Th2 also plays an important role in hypersensitivity and anti-parasitic infections.

Th17 cell: Th17 cells can secrete various cytokines involved in innate immunity and the occurrence of certain inflammations. Research has shown that Th17 cells have different functions in both pathogenic and non-pathogenic aspects, playing an important regulatory role in autoimmunity.

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