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Akt/PKB Signaling Pathway

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GPCR Integrin cytokine receptor BCR PI3Kγ ILK Paxillin Jak1 IKK PP2A HSP90 Cdc37 Wnt Pathway 14-3-3 14-3-3 JIP1 ASK1 NO JNK Pathway ERK Pathway Mdm2 FOXO1 Bcl-X 4E-BP1 eIF4E /FOXO4 TSC2 Raf1 NF-kB Pathway Syk Ras Gab1 Gab2 IRS-1 PI3K PI3K PI3K PI3K PI3K FAK PTEN PTEN PDK1 PDK1 PDK2 AKT AKT AKT GSK3 Cyclin D1 P27 Kip1 P21 Cip1 P53 mTOR P70 S6K BAD NOS3
    No data for the moment.