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Excellent Chemiluminescent Substrate Detection Kit

    • Excellent Chemiluminescent Substrate Detection Kit-Elabscience
    • Excellent Chemiluminescent Substrate Detection Kit-Elabscience
    • Excellent Chemiluminescent Substrate Detection Kit-Elabscience

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      The ECL luminescence detection solution detects bio-macromolecules such as proteins or nucleic acids by chemical fluorescence luminescence. The principle is that the horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-labeled antibody directly or indirectly binds to the target protein on the membrane, and after washing the membrane, ECL reagent is added for exposure, and the protein or nucleic acid strip can be clearly displayed on the X-ray film. The kit has high sensitivity to detect 10~100 fg antigen, and it has low background as well as rapid luminescence, which is used for Western Blot immunoblotting of PVDF membrane and NC membrane.




      25 mL

      50 mL

      100 mL



      ECL Substrate A

      12.5 mL

      25 mL

      50 mL



      ECL Substrate B

      12.5 mL

      25 mL

      50 mL



      1 copy


      1.Follow the step of Western Blotting to block the membrane and incubate the primary/ secondary antibody.
      2.Prepare Working Solution by mixing equal parts of the Substrate A and Substrate B. Use 0.125 mL Working Solution per cm2 of membrane. The Working Solution is stable for 8 hours at RT.
      3.Incubate the blot with Working Solution for 5 min.
      4.Remove the blot from Working Solution and place it in a plastic membrane protector, a plastic sheet protector or plastic wrap may be used. Use an absorbent apparatus to remove excess liquid and to carefully press out any bubbles between the blot and surface of the membrane protector.
      5.Place the protected membrane in a film cassette with the protein side facing up. Turn off all lights except those appropriate for film exposure (e.g. a red safelight).
      6.Carefully place a piece of film on top of the membrane. A recommended first exposure time is 60 s. Exposure time may be varied to achieve optimal results. Enhanced or pre-flashed film is unnecessary.


      Store at 2~8°C for 12 months.


      1.Do not expose ECL working solution to sunlight or strong light, otherwise it will cause its inactivation, and laboratory light will have little effect on the working solution.
      2.If the exposure is long or the protein is too much, the background will be deepened. If the exposure is insufficient, the strip is blurred.
      3.NaN3 inhibits HRP activity, NaN3 should be avoided in solution, and must not exceed 0.01% if necessary.
      4.Prepare the working solution before use.


      1. Anti-inflammatory effect of epidermal growth factor conjugated silk fibroin immobilized polyurethane ameliorates diabetic burn wound healing
        IF: 5.162
        Journal: International journal of biological macromolecules(2020)
        DOI: 10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2019.09.219
        PMID: 31647938
        Products: E-AB-1003 E-BC-R347 E-EL-R0015 E-EL-R0016 
        Sample type: Serum,Tissue homogenate
        Reactivity: Rat
      2. 24S-hydroxycholesterol affects redox homeostasis in human glial U-87 MG cells
        IF: 3.563
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        PMID: 30802527
        Products: E-BC-R347 
        Sample type: Cell culture supernatant
        Reactivity: Human
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