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Recombinant Human IL6R protein (His Tag)

Uniprot : P08887
  • Cat.No.:PKSH500007

  • Expression host: E.coli

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Synonyms IL-6RA,CD 126,CD126,CD126 antigen,gp80,IL 6R 1,IL 6R alpha,IL 6R,IL-6 receptor alpha chain,IL-6 receptor subunit alpha,IL-6R 1,IL-6R subunit alpha,IL-6R-alpha,IL-6RA,IL6Q,Il6r,IL6RA,IL6RA,IL6RQ,Interleukin 6 receptor,interleukin 6 receptor,alpha,Interleukin-6 receptor subunit alpha,Membrane glycoprotein 80,MGC30256
Species Human
Expression_host E.coli
Sequence 20L-365L
Accession P08887-2
Application Immunogen(E-AB-40344)
Mol_Mass 39.9kDa
AP_Mol_Mass 38-40kDa
Tag N/C-His


Purity >90% as determined by reducing SDS-PAGE.
Endotoxin level Not tested.
Storage Samples are stable for up to twelve months from date of receipt at -70℃.Store it under sterile conditions at -20℃ to -80℃. It is recommended that the protein be aliquoted for optimal storage. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Shipping This product is provided as Liquid which is shipped with ice packs.
Formulation Lyophilized from sterile PBS, pH 7.4
Reconstitution Please refer to the printed manual for detailed information.


Part of the receptor for interleukin 6. Binds to IL6 with low affinity, but does not transduce a signal. Signal activation necessitate an association with IL6ST. Activation may lead to the regulation of the immune response, acute-phase reactions and hematopoiesis.


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