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Immunofluorescence(IF) Related Reagents

Immunofluorescence(IF) Related Reagents

Immunofluorescence(IF), also known as fluorescent antibody technology, is one of the earliest labeling immunotechnology. Immunofluorescence is a technology based on immunology, biochemistry and microscopy. By combining antibody with some tracers (fluorescence technology) and antigen antibody reaction, the target antigen in tissues or cells can be detected.

There are so many many steps and complicated operation in immunofluorescence experiment, any small mistake may lead to unsatisfactory experimental results, and the quality of reagents is of great importance and influence. There are many brands of immunofluorescence related reagents in the market. How to find a reliable and stable supplier? Elabscience® provides you with a complete set of solutions, one-stop immunofluorescence test related reagents to solve your worries!

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Cat Product Name Size Price
E-IR-R321 Immunol Fluorescence Staining Kit(Anti-Rabbit IgG-Cy3) 50Assays / 100Assays / 200Assays $90/160/280
E-IR-R322 Immunol Fluorescence Staining Kit(Anti-Mouse IgG-Cy3) 50Assays / 100Assays / 200Assays $90/160/280
E-IR-R323 Immunol Fluorescence Staining Kit(Anti-Rabbit IgG-FITC) 50Assays / 100Assays / 200Assays $90/160/280
E-IR-R324 Immunol Fluorescence Staining Kit(Anti-Mouse IgG-FITC) 50Assays / 100Assays / 200Assays $90/160/280
E-IR-R325 Immunol Fluorescence Staining Kit(Anti-Rabbit IgG-AF488) 50Assays / 100Assays / 200Assays $90/160/280
E-IR-R326 Immunol Fluorescence Staining Kit(Anti-Mouse IgG-AF488) 50Assays / 100Assays / 200Assays $90/160/280
E-IR-R327 Immunol Fluorescence Staining Kit(Anti-Rabbit IgG-AF594) 50Assays / 100Assays / 200Assays $90/160/280
E-IR-R328 Immunol Fluorescence Staining Kit(Anti-Mouse IgG-AF594) 50Assays / 100Assays / 200Assays $90/160/280
E-IR-R113 4% Paraformaldehyde (without DEPC) 100mL/500mL/1000mL $25/80/150
E-IR-R114 4% Paraformaldehyde (with DEPC) 100mL/500mL/1000mL $30/100/160
E-IR-R104 10× Antigen Retrieval Solution pH 9.0 for IHC 100mL/500mL/1000mL $50/165/300
E-IR-R105 10× Antigen Retrieval Solution pH 6.0 for IHC 100mL/500mL/1000mL $50/165/300
E-IR-R109 Proteinase K 1mL/5mL/10mL $20/60/100
E-IR-R122 Triton X-100 10mL/50mL/100mL $15/40/60
E-IR-R107 5% BSA Blocking Buffer 5mL/10mL/50mL $8/10/30
E-IR-R108 BSA 5g/10g/50g $60/100/400
E-IR-R110 Normal Goat Serum (Ready-to-Use) 5mL/10mL/50mL $10/15/45
E-IR-R111 10× Normal Goat Serum 5mL/10mL $15/20
E-IR-R124 Normal Rabbit Blocking Buffer (Concentrated) 5mL/10mL $15/20
E-IR-R128 Normal Rabbit Blocking Buffer (Ready-to-Use) 5mL/10mL/50mL $10/15/45
E-IR-R106 Antibody Dilution Buffer 10mL/50mL/100mL $10/30/50
E-IR-R103 DAPI Reagent 5mL/10mL/50mL $20/35/105
E-IR-R119 Anti-Fluorescence Quenching Agent 5mL/15mL/50mL $50/130/350
E-BC-R187 PBS Buffer, pH7.4(10×) 100mL/200mL/500mL $10/15/22
E-BC-R335 TBST Buffer (10×) 100mL/200mL/500mL $10/15/20
E-IR-R116 10×TBS(pH7.4) 100mL/200mL/500mL $10/15/20
E-IR-R310 PBST Buffer, pH7.4 (10 ×) 500mL $25

There are more immunofluorescence secondary antibodies to meet your different color needs!

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