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Biochemical Kits

Biochemical determination generally involves several procedures, such as literatures investigation, raw materials purchase, reagents preparation, system adjustment and so on, which may waste much time and affect the experimental process. Elabscience® Biochemical kits provide all the reagents and standards needed for detection, in addition, detailed operating instructions and references are also provided to help you quickly achieve accurate and repeatable results.

The testing instruments for Elabscience® Biochemical kits are Spectrophotometer and Microplate Reader, the main application areas include Enzymes, Oxidative stress, Liver function, Renal function, Amino acid protein, Glycolysis and sugar, Inorganic salt ion, Lipid metabolism, Plant stress resistance, TCA cycle, etc. Detailed introduction application classification and product examples are provided for each series. You can quickly find the content you need by searching the product Cat. No, product name, detection instruments and other keywords.

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Biochemical Assay Kits Highlights

   Various detection methods, wide application, wide sample types.

   High precision, High accuracy: CV<5%, recovery rate is 100±5%.

   High sensitivity, wide linear range, strong anti-interference capability.

   Good stability: the kits can be stable for up to 6 months at 2~8℃.

   Good reproducibility: the reagent components are highly congruent and the difference between bottles is small.

   Simple and fast operation: 80 samples can be detected within 1 hour.

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