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Immunohistochemistry(IHC) Related Reagents

Immunohistochemistry(IHC) Related Reagents

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a technology applying the antigen-antibody specific binding principle to determine the position, qualitative and quantitative properties of intracellular antigen (polypeptide and protein) through the colorimetric chemical reaction of the labelled antibody color reagent (Fluorochrome, enzyme, metal ion, isotope).

IHC experiment process is complex and requires a wide range of reagents. There are many kinds of IHC related reagents in the market. How to find a reliable and stable supplier? Elabscience ® provides you with a complete set of solutions and one-stop related reagents to solve your worries.

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Cat.No. Product Name Size Price
E-IR-R220 Super Plus High Sensitive and Rapid Immunohistochemical Kit(pH9.0) 3mL/10mL $125/325
E-IR-R221 Super Plus High Sensitive and Rapid Immunohistochemical Kit(pH6.0) 3mL/10mL $125/325
E-IR-R213 2-step plus Poly-HRP Anti Rabbit/Mouse IgG Detection System 3mL/6mL/18mL $100/180/400
E-IR-R214 2-step plus Poly-HRP Anti Goat IgG Detection System 3mL/6mL/18mL $100/180/400
E-IR-R215 2-step plus Poly-HRP Anti Rabbit IgG Detection System 3mL/6mL/18mL $60/100/200
E-IR-R216 2-step plus Poly-HRP Anti Mouse IgG Detection System 3mL/6mL/18mL $60/100/200
E-IR-R217 2-step plus Poly-HRP Anti Mouse/Rabbit IgG Detection System 3mL/6mL/18mL $60/100/200
E-IR-R112 EDTA Decalcification Solution 100mL/500mL/1000mL $25/80/150
E-IR-R113 4% Paraformaldehyde (without DEPC) 100mL/500mL/1000mL $25/80/150
E-IR-R114 4% Paraformaldehyde (with DEPC) 100mL/500mL/1000mL $30/100/160
E-IR-R104 10× Antigen Retrieval Solution pH 9.0 for IHC 100mL/500mL/1000mL $50/165/300
E-IR-R105 10× Antigen Retrieval Solution pH 6.0 for IHC 100mL/500mL/1000mL $50/165/300
E-IR-R220A One-step Dewaxing/Antigen Retrieval Buffer(pH9.0) 100mL/200mL/500mL $100/135/210
E-IR-R221A One-step Dewaxing/Antigen Retrieval Buffer(pH6.0) 100mL/200mL/500mL $100/135/210
E-IR-R115 Endogenous Peroxidase Blocking Buffer 10mL/20mL/50mL $15/20/30
E-IR-R107 5% BSA Blocking Buffer 5mL/10mL/50mL $8/10/30
E-IR-R108 BSA 5g/10g/50g $60/100/400
E-IR-R110 Normal Goat Serum (Ready-to-Use) 5mL/10mL/50mL $10/15/45
E-IR-R111 10× Normal Goat Serum 5mL/10mL $15/20
E-IR-R124 Normal Rabbit Blocking Buffer (Concentrated) 5mL/10mL $15/20
E-IR-R128 Normal Rabbit Blocking Buffer (Ready-to-Use) 5mL/10mL/50mL $10/15/45
E-IR-R106 Antibody Dilution Buffer 10mL/50mL/100mL $10/30/50
E-IR-R101 DAB Detection Kit (20×) 1mL/3mL/6mL $35/59/85
E-IR-R120 Hematoxylin Staining Buffer 5mL/15mL/50mL $25/60/170
E-IR-R118 Neutral Balsam 5mL/15mL/50mL $20/40/100
E-IR-R117 HE Staining Kit 10mL/50mL/100mL $35/150/240
E-BC-R187 PBS Buffer, pH7.4(10×) 100mL/200mL/500mL $10/15/22
E-BC-R335 TBST Buffer (10×) 100mL/200mL/500mL $10/15/20
E-IR-R116 10×TBS(pH7.4) 100mL/200mL/500mL $10/15/20
E-IR-R310 PBST Buffer, pH7.4 (10 ×) 500mL $25

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