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QuicKey ELISA® Kits

QuicKey ELISA® Kit , the newly developed technology, saves at least 1h for the ELISA assays, and only requires 50μL for sample addition. It shortens the experiment time and saves your precious samples without compromising high sensitivity, specificity, accuracy and stability. The new kits cover the most popular research targets of renal function check and inflammation detection, guarantee the experiment performance and greatly improve the detection efficiency!

Why Choose QuicKey ELISA® Kits?

  • Save 1h at least

  • More simplified assay procedures

  • Higher stability, easier storage

  • More cost-effective, lower price

Conventional ELISA QuicKey ELISA® What it means for you?
Assay time 3.5h 2.5h Save 1h
Sample volume 100μL 50μL Save samples
Assay procedures Incubate sample and detection Ab separately Incubate sample and detection Ab simultaneously Simpler operations
Storage Components need to be separately stored at -20℃ or 4℃ Whole kit can be kept at 4℃ More convenient storage
HRP conjugate The working solution is colorless The working solution is red Less risks of mistakes

Targets for research

Test principle of QuicKey ELISA® kits

QuicKey ELISA ® Kits Principle

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