Malic Dehydrogenase (MDH) Colorimetric Assay Kit (Serum samples)

    • Biochemical Assay Kit-Elabscience
    • Biochemical Assay Kit-Elabscience
    • Biochemical Assay Kit-Elabscience

      Catalog number:E-BC-K048-S

      • 50 Assays
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      Price: $200

      Detection method: Colorimetric method

      Detection instrument: Spectrophotometer

      Valid period: 6 months

      Lead Time: 7~10 daysWelcome to order from local distributors.

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      This kit can be used for detection of Malic Dehydrogenase (MDH) activity in serum, plasma samples. This kit (50 Assays) can detect 48 samples.


      Detection significance 

      MDH has close links with various important ways of plant metabolism. It plays an important role in the process of Mal / OAA (malic acid/oxaloacetic acid) and Mal / Asp (malic acid / aspartic acid) material transporting and energy transporting. In photorespiration, MDH provides NAD+ for the oxidation of Gly (glycine). In mitochondria, MDH is one of the regulatory enzymes that decide the running speed of TCA (tricarboxylic acid cycle). In cytosol, MDH is related to the branch of pyruvic acid. Therefore, MDH system is not only a good system to research the regionalization and regulation of enzyme, but also facilitates the study of the relationship between organelles and many developmental problems.


      Detection principle

      MDH catalyzed redox reactions were accompanied by a decrease in absorbance at 340nm. MDH activity can be calculated indirectly by measuring the change rate in absorbance (A/min) at 340 nm.


      Experimental instruments

      Tube, Micropipettor, Vortex mixer, Incubator, Spectrophotometer (340 nm)


      Sample preparation

      Serum (plasma) sample: Detect directly.


      Operation steps

      1. Preheat the Spectrophotometer for 30 min, then adjust the wavelength at 340 nm and set to zero with distilled water. (Prepare two quartz cuvette, one for setting zero, the other for measuring).

      2. Preheat the working solution at 37 for more than 3 min.

      3. Operation table


      Sample tube

      Blank tube

      Sample (μL)



      Double-distilled water (μL)



      Working solution (μL)



      Mix fully immediately, measure OD value of each tube at 340 nm with 0.5 cm optical path cuvette. The OD value of 20 seconds and 80 seconds were recorded as A1 and A2, respectively. Calculate the A=A1-A2.



      (1)  Blank tube only need to be done 1-2 times.

      (2)  If ASample/min < 0.05, please increase the concentration of sample and test again, otherwise the result will be influenced.

      (3)  If ASample/min > 0.3, please dilute the sample and test again, otherwise the result will be influenced.

      (4)  It is recommended to take 2~3 samples which expected large difference to do pre-experiment before formal experiment.



      1. The kit is for scientific research only.

      2. Instructions should be followed strictly, changes of operation may result in unreliable results.

      3. The validity of kit is 6 months.

      4. Do not use components from different batches of kit.

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