Rat TNF-α(Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha) ELISA Kit

  • Cat.No.:E-EL-R0019

  • Reactivity: Rat

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Product Details


Assay type Sandwich-ELISA
Format 96T/48T
Assay time 3.5h
Detection range 78.13-5000 pg/mL
Sensitivity 46.88 pg/mL
Sample type &Sample volume serum, plasma and other biological fluids; 100μL
Specificity This kit recognizes Rat TNF-α in samples. No significant cross-reactivity or interference between Rat TNF-α and analogues was observed.
Reproducibility Both intra-CV and inter-CV are < 10%.
Application This ELISA kit applies to the in vitro quantitative determination of Rat TNF-α concentrations in serum, plasma and other biological fluids.

Test Principle

This ELISA kit uses the Sandwich-ELISA principle. The micro ELISA plate provided in this kit has been pre-coated with an antibody specific to Rat TNF-α. Standards or samples are added to the micro ELISA plate wells and combined with the specific antibody. Then a biotinylated detection antibody specific for Rat TNF-α and Avidin-Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) conjugate are added successively to each micro plate well and incubated. Free components are washed away. The substrate solution is added to each well. Only those wells that contain Rat TNF-α, biotinylated detection antibody and Avidin-HRP conjugate will appear blue in color. The enzyme-substrate reaction is terminated by the addition of stop solution and the color turns yellow. The optical density (OD) is measured spectrophotometrically at a wavelength of 450 nm ± 2 nm. The OD value is proportional to the concentration of Rat TNF-α. You can calculate the concentration of Rat TNF-α in the samples by comparing the OD of the samples to the standard curve.

Kit components & Storage

An unopened kit can be stored at 2-8℃ for 1 month. If the kit is not supposed to be used within 1 month, store the components separately according to the following conditions once the kit is received.
Micro ELISA Plate(Dismountable) 96T: 8 wells ×12 strips
48T: 8 wells ×6 strips
-20℃, 6 months
Reference Standard 96T: 2 vials
48T: 1 vial
Concentrated Biotinylated Detection Ab (100×) 96T: 1 vial, 120 μL
48T: 1 vial, 60 μL
Concentrated HRP Conjugate (100×) 96T: 1 vial, 120 μL
48T: 1 vial, 60 μL
-20℃(Protect from light), 6 months
Reference Standard & Sample Diluent 1 vial, 20 mL 2-8°C, 6 months
Biotinylated Detection Ab Diluent 1 vial, 14 mL
HRP Conjugate Diluent 1 vial, 14 mL
Concentrated Wash Buffer (25×) 1 vial, 30 mL
Substrate Reagent 1 vial, 10 mL 2-8℃(Protect from light)
Stop Solution 1 vial, 10 mL 2-8°C
Plate Sealer 5 pieces
Manual 1 copy
Certificate of Analysis 1 copy

Technical Data


Intra-assay Precision (Precision within an assay): 3 samples with low, mid range and high level Rat TNF-α were tested 20 times on one plate, respectively.
Inter-assay Precision (Precision between assays): 3 samples with low, mid range and high level Rat TNF-α were tested on 3 different plates, 20 replicates in each plate.

  Intra-assay Precision Inter-assay Precision
Sample 1 2 3 1 2 3
n 20 20 20 20 20 20
Mean (pg/mL) 249.60 624.50 2364.40 243.60 673.40 2259.40
Standard deviation 15.50 34.30 85.10 12.40 39.70 74.60
CV (%) 6.21 5.49 3.60 5.09 5.90 3.30


The recovery of Rat TNF-α spiked at three different levels in samples throughout the range of the assay was evaluated in various matrices.

Sample Type Range (%) Average Recovery (%)
Serum(n=8) 90-100 95
EDTA plasma (n=8) 93-108 100
Cell culture media (n=8) 88-102 95


Samples were spiked with high concentrations of Rat TNF-α and diluted with Reference Standard & Sample Diluent to produce samples with values within the range of the assay.

Target Information

Database LinksSwissProt: P16599
SynonymsDIF, TNF-alpha, TNFA, TNFSF2
Research AreaCancer,Stem cells

Assay Procedures

elisa assay procedure 1

1. Add 100μL standard or sample to the wells. Incubate for 90 min at 37°C

elisa assay procedure 2

2. Discard the liquid, immediately add 100μL Biotinylated Detection Ab working solution to each well. Incubate for 60 min at 37°C

elisa assay procedure 3

3. Aspirate and wash the plate for 3 times

elisa assay procedure 4

4. Add 100μL HRP conjugate working solution. Incubate for 30 min at 37°C. Aspirate and wash the plate for 5 times

elisa assay procedure 5

5. Add 90μL Substrate Reagent. Incubate for 15 min at 37°C

elisa assay procedure 6

6. Add 50μL Stop Solution

elisa assay procedure 7

7. Read the plate at 450nm immediately. Calculation of the results

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  1. Environmental Pollution (2019) IF: 6.792
    Selenium abates reproductive dysfunction via attenuation of biometal accumulation, oxido-inflammatory stress and caspase-3 activation in male rats exposed to arsenic

    DOI: 10.1016/j.envpol.2019.113079

    PMID: 31473390

    Sample: Serum
  2. British journal of pharmacology (2018) IF: 6.81
    High-fructose corn syrup consumption in adolescent rats causes bipolar-like behavioural phenotype with hyperexcitability in hippocampal CA3-CA1 synapses

    DOI: 10.1111/bph.14500

    PMID: 30221753

    Sample: Serum
  3. Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity (2020) IF: 5.076
    Neuregulin-1 β Protects the Rat Diaphragm during Sepsis against Oxidative Stress and Inflammation by Activating the PI3K/Akt Pathway

    DOI: 10.1155/2020/1720961

    PMID: 32765805

    Sample: Serum,Tissue homogenate
  4. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (2020) IF: 5.162
    Colchicine mesoporous silica nanoparticles/hydrogel composite loaded cotton patches as a new encapsulator system for transdermal osteoarthritis management

    DOI: 10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2020.07.133

    PMID: 32693125

    Sample: Serum
  5. Journal of Neuroinflammation (2020) IF: 5.793
    Microglia induce the transformation of A1/A2 reactive astrocytes via the CXCR7/PI3K/Akt pathway in chronic post-surgical pain

    DOI: 10.1186/s12974-020-01891-5

    PMID: 32665021

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  6. Journal of Cellular Physiology (2020) IF: 5.546
    Autophagy decreases alveolar epithelial cell injury by regulating the release of inflammatory mediators

    DOI: 10.1002/jcp.29453

    PMID: 31960959

    Sample: Cell culture supernatant,Tissue homogenate
  7. Materials Science and Engineering: C (2020) IF: 5.88
    The sustained release of dexamethasone from TiO2 nanotubes reinforced by chitosan to enhance osteoblast function and anti-inflammation activity

    DOI: 10.1016/j.msec.2020.111241

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Cell culture supernatant
  8. Translational Stroke Research (2020) IF: 5.78
    AAV/BBB-Mediated Gene Transfer of CHIP Attenuates Brain Injury Following Experimental Intracerebral Hemorrhage

    DOI: 10.1007/s12975-019-00715-w

    PMID: 31325153

    Sample: Plasma
  9. Chemosphere (2019) IF: 5.778
    Impact of binary waterborne mixtures of nickel and zinc on hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis in rats

    DOI: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2019.124501

    PMID: 31398612

    Sample: Serum
  10. Aging (Albany NY) (2018) IF: 5.515
    Methanolic extract of Tamarix Gallica attenuates hyperhomocysteinemia induced AD-like pathology and cognitive impairments in rats

    DOI: 10.18632/aging.101627

    PMID: 30425189

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  11. development (2019) IF: 5.413
    Effects of Tarantula cubensis alcoholic extract and Nerium oleander distillate on experimentally induced colon cancer

    DOI: 99999999

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Serum
  12. Toxicology (2020) IF: 4.099
    Protocatechuic acid modulates reproductive dysfunction linked to furan exposure in rats

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    PMID: 32758512

    Sample: Serum,Tissue homogenate
  13. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics (2020) IF: 4.604
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    Sample: Serum
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    Sample: Serum,Tissue homogenate
  15. Biochemical Pharmacology (2020) IF: 4.96
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    Sample: Tissue homogenate
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    Sample: Serum
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    Sample: Tissue homogenate
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    Huoxuezhitong capsule ameliorates MIA-induced osteoarthritis of rats through suppressing PI3K/ Akt/ NF-κB pathway

    DOI: 10.1016/j.biopha.2020.110471

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Serum
  19. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy (2020) IF: 4.545
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    DOI: 10.1016/j.biopha.2020.110273

    PMID: 32460188

    Sample: Cell culture supernatant
  20. Nutrients (2020) IF: 4.546
    Defatted Tenebrio molitor Larva Fermentation Extract Modifies Steatosis, Inflammation and Intestinal Microflora in Chronic Alcohol-Fed Rats

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    Sample: Serum
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    Sample: Tissue homogenate
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    Sample: Tissue homogenate
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    Sample: Serum,Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid,Tissue homogena
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    Sample: Tissue homogenate
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    PMID: 30594047

    Sample: Tissue homogenate,Cell culture medium
  26. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular Basis of Disease (2019) IF: 4.328
    Inflammation-dependent ISG15 upregulation mediates MIA-induced dendrite damages and depression by disrupting NEDD4/Rap2A signaling

    DOI: 10.1016/j.bbadis.2019.02.020

    PMID: 30826466

    Sample: Serum
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    Behavioral, electrophysiological and neuropathological characteristics of the occurrence of hypertension in pregnant rats

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    Sample: Serum
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    Sample: Serum
  29. Immunology letters (2020) IF: 3.276
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    Sample: Serum
  30. Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology (2020) IF: 3.292
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    Sample: Serum,Tissue homogenate
  31. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2020) IF: 3.056
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    Sample: Serum
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    Acute aflatoxin B 1-induced gastro-duodenal and hepatic oxidative damage is preceded by time-dependent hyperlactatemia in rats

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    Sample: Serum
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    DOI: 10.26355/eurrev_202006_21528

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    Sample: Serum
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    Sample: Serum
  35. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2020) IF: 3.056
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    PMID: 32812151

    Sample: Serum,Tissue homogenate
  36. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2020) IF: 3.056
    Platelet-rich plasma and/or sildenafil topical applications accelerate and better repair wound healing in rats through regulation of proinflammatory cytokines and collagen/TGF-β1 pathway

    DOI: 10.1007/s11356-020-10042-5

    PMID: 32671702

    Sample: Serum
  37. Cell Cycle (2020) IF: 3.699
    Knockdown of circular RNA circMAT2B reduces oxygen-glucose deprivation-induced inflammatory injury in H9c2 cells through up-regulating miR-133

    DOI: 10.1080/15384101.2020.1814025

    PMID: 32897801

    Sample: Cell culture supernatant
  38. Psychopharmacology (2020) IF: 3.13
    Kolaviron via anti-inflammatory and redox regulatory mechanisms abates multi-walled carbon nanotubes-induced neurobehavioral deficits in rats

    DOI: 10.1007/s00213-019-05432-8

    PMID: 31897575

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  39. Journal of Ethnopharmacology (2020) IF: 3.69
    Anti-angiogenic effect of Shikonin in rheumatoid arthritis by downregulating PI3K/AKT and MAPKs signaling pathways

    DOI: 10.1016/j.jep.2020.113039

    PMID: 32497675

    Sample: Serum,Cell culture supernatant
  40. Mediators of Inflammation (2020) IF: 3.758
    Paeonol Attenuates Methotrexate-Induced Cardiac Toxicity in Rats by Inhibiting Oxidative Stress and Suppressing TLR4-Induced NF- κ B Inflammatory Pathway

    DOI: 10.1155/2020/8641026

    PMID: 32104151

    Sample: Soil,Water,Oil,Plant?Tissue,Plant?Fluid,Antibody,F
  41. Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology (2020) IF: 3.606
    Assessment of the protective and therapeutic effect of melatonin against thioacetamide-induced acute liver damage

    DOI: 10.1002/jbt.22450

    PMID: 31967703

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  42. Inflammopharmacology (2020) IF: 3.238
    Moringa rivae leaf extracts attenuate Complete Freund's adjuvant-induced arthritis in Wistar rats via modulation of inflammatory and oxidative stress biomarkers

    DOI: 10.1007/s10787-019-00596-3

    PMID: 31037575

    Sample: Serum
  43. Environmental Toxicology (2020) IF: 3.118
    Cadmium and nickel co-exposure exacerbates genotoxicity and not oxido-inflammatory stress in liver and kidney of rats: Protective role of omega-3 fatty acid

    DOI: 10.1002/tox.22860

    PMID: 31639282

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  44. International Immunopharmacology (2020) IF: 3.943
    Klotho ameliorates the onset and progression of cataract via suppressing oxidative stress and inflammation in the lens in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

    DOI: 10.1016/j.intimp.2020.106582

    PMID: 32438076

    Sample: Plasma
  45. Obesity (2020) IF: 3.742
    Liraglutide Lowers Body Weight Set Point in DIO Rats and its Relationship with Hypothalamic Microglia Activation

    DOI: 10.1002/oby.22666

    PMID: 31773909

    Sample: Cell culture supernatant
  46. European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences (2020) IF: 3.024
    Overexpression of HOXA-AS2 inhibits inflammation and apoptosis in podocytes via sponging miR-A-302b-3p to upregulate TIMP3

    DOI: 10.26355/eurrev_202005_21187

    PMID: 32432759

    Sample: Serum
  47. Inflammation (2020) IF: 3.212
    Nobiletin Protects from Renal Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Rats by Suppressing Inflammatory Cytokines and Regulating iNOS-eNOS Expressions

    DOI: 10.1007/s10753-019-01123-w

    PMID: 31705353

    Sample: Serum
  48. Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology (2020) IF: 3.606
    Nobiletin attenuates acetaminophen-induced hepatorenal toxicity in rats

    DOI: 10.1002/jbt.22427

    PMID: 31777137

    Sample: Serum,Tissue homogenate
  49. International Immunopharmacology (2020) IF: 3.943
    The ameliorating effect of cannabinoid type 2 receptor activation on brain, lung, liver and heart damage in cecal ligation and puncture-induced sepsis model in rats

    DOI: 10.1016/j.intimp.2019.105978

    PMID: 31767546

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  50. NeuroToxicology (2020) IF: 3.105
    Neuroprotective mechanisms of selenium against arsenic-induced behavioral impairments in rats

    DOI: 10.1016/j.neuro.2019.10.009

    PMID: 31678059

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  51. Biology of Reproduction (2019) IF: 3.322
    Changes in alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor and macrophage polarization state participate in the regulation of cervical remodeling in pregnant rats?

    DOI: 10.1093/biolre/ioz133

    PMID: 31342065

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  52. European Journal of Pharmacology (2019) IF: 3.263
    Associations of inflammatory markers and vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 with endothelial dysfunction in collagen-induced arthritis

    DOI: 10.1016/j.ejphar.2019.172786

    PMID: 31712060

    Sample: Serum
  53. Life Sciences (2019) IF: 3.647
    Inhibition of JAK-STAT and NF-κB signalling systems could be a novel therapeutic target against insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes

    DOI: 10.1016/j.lfs.2019.117045

    PMID: 31730866

    Sample: Serum
  54. Neuroscience (2018) IF: 3.056
    Inhibiting Succinate Dehydrogenase by Dimethyl Malonate Alleviates Brain Damage in a Rat Model of Cardiac Arrest

    DOI: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2018.09.041

    PMID: 30300703

    Sample: Serum
  55. Inflammopharmacology (2018) IF: 3.304
    SB203580 attenuates acute lung injury and inflammation in rats with acute pancreatitis in pregnancy

    DOI: 10.1007/s10787-018-0522-9

    PMID: 30094758

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  56. Apoptosis (2018) IF: 3.967
    miR-A-126 expression inhibits IL-23R mediated TNF-α or IFN-γ production in fibroblast-like synoviocytes in a mice model of collagen-induced rheumatoid arthritis

    DOI: 10.1007/s10495-018-1474-7

    PMID: 30167920

    Sample: Serum
  57. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy (2019) IF: 3.457
    Trichosanthes kirilowii lectin ameliorates streptozocin-induced kidney injury via modulation of the balance between M1/M2 phenotype macrophage

    DOI: 10.1016/j.biopha.2018.10.060

    PMID: 30396096

    Sample: Serum
  58. International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology (2018) IF: 3.981
    Emodin rescued hyperhomocysteinemia-induced dementia and Alzheimer's disease-like features in rats

    DOI: 10.1093/ijnp/pyy090

    PMID: 30407508

    Sample: Plasma,Tissue homogenate
  59. Frontiers in pharmacology (2018) IF: 3.831
    PSTPIP2 inhibits the inflammatory response and proliferation of fibroblast-like synoviocytes in vitro

    DOI: 10.3389/fphar.2018.01432

    PMID: 30564127

    Sample: Serum,Cell culture supernatant
  60. Molecules (2019) IF: 3.098
    Hyaluronic Acid Coated Acid-Sensitive Nanoparticles for Targeted Therapy of Adjuvant-Induced Arthritis in Rats

    DOI: 10.3390/molecules24010146

    PMID: 30609724

    Sample: Serum
  61. Journal of cellular physiology (2019) IF: 3.923
    Long noncoding RNA MEG3 regulates rheumatoid arthritis by targeting NLRC5

    DOI: 10.1002/jcp.28126

    PMID: 30644097

    Sample: Serum
  62. Molecules (2019) IF: 3.098
    Plant-Derived Oleanolic Acid (OA) Ameliorates Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Diseases in a Diet-Induced Pre-Diabetic Rat Model: Effects on Selected Cardiovascular Risk Factors

    DOI: 10.3390/molecules24020340

    PMID: 30669379

    Sample: Plasma,Tissue homogenate
  63. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology (2019) IF: 3.755
    Rutin abrogates manganese - induced striatal and hippocampal toxicity via inhibition of iron depletion, oxidative stress, inflammation and suppressing the NF-κB signaling pathway

    DOI: 10.1016/j.jtemb.2019.01.014

    PMID: 30910212

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  64. Ecotoxicology and environmental safety (2019) IF: 3.974
    Cold stress provokes lung injury in rats co-exposed to fine particulate matter and lipopolysaccharide

    DOI: 10.1016/j.ecoenv.2018.10.064

    PMID: 30384172

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  65. Life sciences (2019) IF: 3.234
    Myocardial caspase-3 and NF-κB activation promotes calpain-induced septic apoptosis: The role of Akt/eNOS/NO pathway

    DOI: 10.1016/j.lfs.2019.02.048

    PMID: 30807754

    Sample: Serum,Tissue homogenate
  66. Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology (2020) IF: 3.292
    Chronic exposure of bisphenol A impairs carbohydrate and lipid metabolism by altering corresponding enzymatic and metabolic pathways

    DOI: 10.1016/j.etap.2020.103387

    PMID: 32339907

    Sample: Serum
  67. Frontiers in Neuroscience (2020) IF: 3.707
    Potent Natural Antioxidant Carveol Attenuates MCAO-induced Oxidative stress, Neurodegeneration by Regulating the Nrf-2 pathway

    DOI: 10.3389/fnins.2020.00659

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  68. Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy (2020) IF: 2.842
    Activation of Nrf2 Signaling by Apelin Attenuates Renal Ischemia Reperfusion Injury in Diabetic Rats

    DOI: 10.2147/DMSO.S246743

    PMID: 32606875

    Sample: Serum
  69. Toxin Reviews (2020) IF: 2.851
    Nicotine lowers TNF-α, IL-1b secretion and leukocyte accumulation via nAChR in rat stomach

    DOI: 10.1080/15569543.2020.1790604

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  70. Toxicology Research (2020) IF: 2.283
    Microscopic and biochemical changes on liver and kidney of Wistar rats on combination antiretroviral therapy: the impact of naringenin and quercetin

    DOI: 10.1093/toxres/tfaa060/5898655

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  71. Therapeutic Advances in Endocrinology and Metabolism (2020) IF: 2.173
    Plant-derived oleanolic acid ameliorates markers of subclinical inflammation and innate immunity activation in diet-induced pre-diabetic rats

    DOI: 10.1177/2042018820935771

    PMID: 32782775

    Sample: Plasma
  72. Molecular Medicine Reports (2020) IF: 2.1
    Pretreatment with the ALDH2 activator Alda-1 protects rat livers from ischemia/reperfusion injury by inducing autophagy

    DOI: 10.3892/mmr.2020.11312

    PMID: 32705206

    Sample: Serum
  73. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture (2020) IF: 2.614
    Tiliacora triandra extract and its major constituent attenuates diabetic kidney and testicular impairment by modulating redox imbalance and pro-inflammatory responses in rats

    DOI: 10.1002/jsfa.10779

    PMID: 32875596

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  74. Immunological Investigations (2020) IF: 2.511
    Overexpression of lncRNA HULC Attenuates Myocardial Ischemia/reperfusion Injury in Rat Models and Apoptosis of Hypoxia/reoxygenation Cardiomyocytes via Targeting miR-377-5p through NLRP3/Caspase-1/IL-1β Signaling Pathway Inhibition

    DOI: 10.1080/08820139.2020.1791178

    PMID: 32674625

    Sample: Cell culture supernatant
  75. Human & Experimental Toxicology (2020) IF: 2.067
    Sildenafil ameliorates Alzheimer disease via the modulation of vascular endothelial growth factor and vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 in rats

    DOI: 10.1177/0960327120960775

    PMID: 32959702

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  76. Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacology (2020) IF: 2.754
    Ameliorative effect of Ozagrel, a thromboxane A2 synthase inhibitor, in hyperhomocysteinemia-induced experimental vascular cognitive impairment and dementia

    DOI: 10.1111/fcp.12610

    PMID: 33020931

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  77. Experimental Physiology (2020) IF: 2.431
    Combination of quercetin and exercise training attenuates depression in rats with 1,2-dimethylhydrazine-induced colorectal cancer: Possible involvement of inflammation and BDNF signalling

    DOI: 10.1113/EP088605

    PMID: 32681548

    Sample: Serum,Tissue homogenate
  78. Molecular Medicine Reports (2020) IF: 2.1
    Placenta-derived mesenchymal stem cells ameliorate lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation in RAW264. 7 cells and acute lung injury in rats

    DOI: 10.3892/mmr.2020.11231

    PMID: 32626979

    Sample: Cell culture supernatant
  79. Clinical Rheumatology (2020) IF: 2.394
    Investigation of the efficacy of daidzein in experimental knee osteoarthritis-induced with monosodium iodoacetate in rats

    DOI: 10.1007/s10067-020-04958-z

    PMID: 32103372

    Sample: Serum
  80. European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (2019) IF: 2.139
    Beneficial effects of bardoxolone methyl, an Nrf2 activator, on crush-related acute kidney injury in rats

    DOI: 10.1007/s00068-019-01216-z

    PMID: 31471671

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  81. Journal of Ovarian Research (2020) IF: 2.989
    The effect of glutamine on Dehydroepiandrosterone-induced polycystic ovary syndrome rats

    DOI: 10.1186/s13048-020-00650-7

    PMID: 32386521

    Sample: Serum
  82. Digestive Diseases and Sciences (2020) IF: 2.751
    Apocynin Attenuates Acute Kidney Injury and Inflammation in Rats with Acute Hypertriglyceridemic Pancreatitis

    DOI: 10.1007/s10620-019-05892-0

    PMID: 31617131

    Sample: Serum
  83. PloS one (2020) IF: 2.74
    Associations of inflammatory markers with impaired left ventricular diastolic and systolic function in collagen-induced arthritis

    DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0230657

    PMID: 32208438

    Sample: Serum
  84. Future Microbiology (2020) IF: 2.907
    The anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and protective effects of a probiotic mixture on organ toxicity in a rat model

    DOI: 10.2217/fmb-2020-0005

    PMID: 32250184

    Sample: Serum
  85. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology (2020) IF: 2.05
    Protective effect of oleuropein on ketamine-induced cardiotoxicity in rats

    DOI: 10.1007/s00210-020-01870

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Serum
  86. Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology (2020) IF: 2.967
    The gut microbiota attenuates muscle wasting by regulating energy metabolism in chemotherapy-induced malnutrition rats

    DOI: 10.1007/s00280-020-04060-w

    PMID: 32415349

    Sample: Serum,Tissue homogenate,Feces
  87. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal (2020) IF: 2.879
    Possible combined effect of perindopril and Azilsartan in an experimental model of dementia in rats

    DOI: 10.1016/j.jsps.2020.03.009

    PMID: 32435138

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  88. Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes (2019) IF: 2.058
    Hyperuricemia Inhibition Protects SD Rats Against Fructose-Induced Obesity Hypertension Via Modulation of Inflammation and Renin-Angiotensin System in Adipose Tissue

    DOI: 10.1055/a-1023-6710

    PMID: 31683330

    Sample: Serum
  89. Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry (2019) IF: 2.575
    Evaluating the effects of Juglans regia L. extract on hyperglycaemia and insulin sensitivity in experimental type 2 diabetes in rat

    DOI: 10.1080/13813455.2019.1668018

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Plasma
  90. Wound Repair and Regeneration (2018) IF: 2.952
    Therapeutic efficacy of early photobiomodulation therapy on the zones of stasis in burns: An experimental rat model study

    DOI: 10.1111/wrr.12661

    PMID: 30118166

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
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    Histopathological and biochemical changes in the development of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease induced by high-sucrose diet at different times

    DOI: 10.1139/cjpp-2018-0353

    PMID: 30388378

    Sample: Serum
  92. Bioscience reports (2018) IF: 2.899
    Shenqi Fuzheng Injection impairs bile duct ligation-induced cholestatic liver injury in vivo

    DOI: 10.1042/BSR20180787

    PMID: 30610157

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  93. American Journal of Reproductive Immunology (2019) IF: 2.745
    Nisin Reduces Uterine Inflammation in Rats by Modulating Concentrations of Pro- And Anti-Inflammatory Cytokines

    DOI: 10.1111/aji.13096

    PMID: 30681748

    Sample: Serum
  94. Biochemical and biophysical research communications (2018) IF: 2.559
    Serum thyroid hormones levels are significantly decreased in pregnant rats with acute pancreatitis

    DOI: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2018.09.180

    PMID: 30286956

    Sample: Serum
  95. Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology (2018) IF: 2.21
    The pectin-insulin patch application prevents the onset of peripheral neuropathy-like symptoms in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

    DOI: 10.1139/cjpp-2018-0415

    PMID: 30326192

    Sample: Plasma
  96. Journal of cellular biochemistry (2019) IF: 2.959
    Exosomes derived from miR-146a-modified adipose- derived stem cells attenuate acute myocardial infarction- induced myocardial damage via downregulation of early growth response factor 1

    DOI: 10.1002/jcb.27731

    PMID: 30362610

    Sample: Serum,Cell culture supernatant
  97. Journal of cellular biochemistry (2019) IF: 2.959
    MAPKs and NF-κB-mediated acrylamide-induced neuropathy in rat striatum and human neuroblastoma cells SY5Y

    DOI: 10.1002/jcb.27671

    PMID: 30368882

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  98. Autoimmunity (2019) IF: 2.648
    The changes in immune cell concentration during the progression of pre-diabetes to type 2 diabetes in a high-fat high-carbohydrate diet-induced pre-diabetic rat model

    DOI: 10.1080/08916934.2019.1575820

    PMID: 30776930

    Sample: Plasma
  99. ACS omega (2020) IF: 2.87
    Antiarthritic Potential of Comprehensively Standardized Extract of Alternanthera bettzickiana: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies

    DOI: 10.1021/acsomega.0c01670

    PMID: 32803042

    Sample: Serum
  100. Cardiovascular Therapeutics (2020) IF: 2.538
    Bredemolic Acid Improves Cardiovascular Function and Attenuates Endothelial Dysfunction in Diet-Induced Prediabetes: Effects on Selected Markers

    DOI: 10.1155/2020/1936406

    PMID: 32117470

    Sample: Plasma,Tissue homogenate
  101. The Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology: Official Journal of the Korean Physiological Society and the Korean Society of Pharmacology (2020) IF: 1.805
    The hepato-protective effect of eupatilin on an alcoholic liver disease model of rats

    DOI: 10.4196/kjpp.2020.24.5.385

    PMID: 32830145

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  102. Medicine (2019) IF: 1.552
    Investigation of biochemical and histopathological effects of tarantula cubensis D6 on lungtissue in cecal ligation and puncture-inducedpolymicrobial sepsis model in rats

    DOI: 10.5455/medscience.2019.08.9045

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  103. International urology and nephrology (2020) IF: 1.843
    Vinpocetine reduces cisplatin-induced acute kidney injury through inhibition of NF-κB pathway and activation of Nrf2/ARE pathway in rats

    DOI: 10.1007/s11255-020-02485-z

    PMID: 32418008

    Sample: Serum,Urine,Tissue homogenate
  104. Asian Journal of Surgery (2020) IF: 1.838
    Potent therapeutic effects of ruscogenin on gastric ulcer established by acetic acid

    DOI: 10.1016/j.asjsur.2019.07.001

    PMID: 31345657

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  105. Andrologia (2020) IF: 1.951
    Sitagliptin protects male albino rats with testicular ischaemia/reperfusion damage: Modulation of VCAM-1 and VEGF-A

    DOI: 10.1111/and.13472

    PMID: 31773790

    Sample: Serum
  106. in vivo (2019) IF: 1.541
    Oral Administration of Chitosan Attenuates Bleomycin-induced Pulmonary Fibrosis in Rats

    DOI: 10.21873/invivo.11624

    PMID: 31471392

    Sample: Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid
  107. Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research (2019) IF: 1.367
    Examination of Protective and Therapeutic Effects of Ruscogenin on Cerulein-Induced Experimental Acute Pancreatitis in Rats

    DOI: 10.4174/astr.2019.97.6.271

    PMID: 31824881

    Sample: Serum,Tissue homogenate
  108. Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin (2018) IF: 1.54
    Qiliqiangxin Protects against Renal Injury in Rat with Cardiorenal Syndrome Type I through Regulating the Inflammatory and Oxidative Stress Signaling

    DOI: 10.1248/bpb.b17-00930

    PMID: 30068867

    Sample: Plasma
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    Protective effect of dexpanthenol against cisplatin-induced hepatotoxicity

    DOI: 10.3892/etm.2018.6683

    PMID: 30402149

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  110. Journal of Food Biochemistry (2019) IF: 1.552
    Epicatechin and scopoletin rich Morinda citrifolia (Noni) leaf extract supplementation, mitigated Osteoarthritis via anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and anti-protease pathways

    DOI: 10.1111/jfbc.12755

    PMID: 31353568

    Sample: Serum
  111. Journal of biochemical and molecular toxicology (2019) IF: 1.837
    Fluoride and diethylnitrosamine coexposure enhances oxido-inflammatory responses and caspase-3 activation in liver and kidney of adult rats

    DOI: 10.1002/jbt.22327

    PMID: 30920066

    Sample: Serum
  112. Renal failure (2019) IF: 1.44
    The aqueous extract of aged black garlic ameliorates colistin-induced acute kidney injury in rats

    DOI: 10.1080/0886022X.2018.1561375

    PMID: 30714460

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  113. Journal of Inflammation Research (2020)
    Pharmacological Inhibition of Galectin-3 Ameliorates Diabetes-Associated Cognitive Impairment, Oxidative Stress and Neuroinflammation in vivo and in vitro

    DOI: 10.2147/JIR.S273858

    PMID: 32982368

    Sample: Cell culture supernatant,Tissue homogenate
  114. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology (2020)
    The protective effect of fenofibrate, triptorelin, and their combination against premature ovarian failure in rats

    DOI: 10.1007/s00210-020-01975-2

    PMID: 32924068

    Sample: Serum
  115. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology (2020)
    Protective effect of oleuropein on ketamine-induced cardiotoxicity in rats

    DOI: 10.1007/s00210-020-01870-w

    PMID: 32383030

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  116. Journal of Family and Reproductive Health (2020)
    Protective effect of exogenous hydrogen sulfide on diaphragm muscle fibrosis in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

    DOI: 10.1177/1535370220931038

    PMID: 32493122

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  117. Advances in Traditional Medicine (2020)
    Anti-inflammatory activity of Xanthium indicum on carrageenan-induced paw edema in rats

    DOI: 10.1007/s13596-020-00502-1

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  118. Medicinal Plant (2017)
    Protection of Dicliptera chinensis Polysaccharide Granule on Acute Liver Injury of Rat Caused by D-galactosamine

    DOI: 99999999

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Serum,Tissue Slice
  119. Annals of Tropical Medicine & Public Health (2019)
    Protective effect of Melatonin, Rosuvastatin and their combination against Amikacin induced nephrotoxicity in rats

    DOI: 10.36295/ASRO.2019.220513

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Serum
  120. Indonesian Journal of Environmental Management and Sustainability (2020)
    Effectiveness of Spirulina platensis Extract on Wound Area and TNF-a Levels on Blood: Experimental Studies In Wistar Rats Made Artificially by Vulnus Scissum and Infected by Staphylococcus aureus

    DOI: 10.26554/ijems.2020.4.2.55-58

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Serum
  121. Asian Journal of Research in Biochemistry (2019)
    Effect of Oral Intake of Sodium Benzoate on Serum Cholesterol and Proinflammatory Cytokine (Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha [TNF-α] and Interleukin-6 [IL-6]) Levels in the Heart Tissue of Wistar Rats

    DOI: 10.9734/ajrb/2019/v5i230086

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Serum,Tissue homogenate
  122. Plant Archives (2020)

    DOI: 99999999

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  123. Eastern Anatolian Journal of Science (2020)
    The Possible Beneficial Effects of Lazaroid U-74389G on Ovarian Injury

    DOI: 99999999

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  124. New Trends in Medicine Sciences (2020)
    Role of Hyperoside on Ovarian Tissue Damage Created by Ovarian Torsion Detorsion

    DOI: 99999999

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  125. The Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences and Applied Toxicology (2020)

    DOI: 99999999

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Plasma
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    Protective effects of naringin in indomethacin-induced gastric ulcer in rats

    DOI: 10.30574/gscbps.2019.8.2.0132

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
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    Therapeutic effects of different treatment periods against ischemic stroke and toxicology study of Angong Niuhuang Pill in rats

    DOI: 10.21203/rs.2.21991/v2

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Serum,Tissue homogenate
  128. Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medical Research (2019)
    Hydroethanolic Extract of Buchholzia coriacea Seeds Alleviates LPS Induced Liver Injury in Rat via Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Actions

    DOI: 10.9734/jocamr/2019/v8i230116

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Serum
  129. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology (2020) IF: 0.252
    Sepsis causes heart injury through endoplasmic reticulum stress-mediated apoptosis signaling pathway

    DOI: 99999999

    PMID: 32509067

    Sample: Serum
  130. The American Journal of Chinese Medicine (2020)
    Corydalis saxicola Alkaloids Attenuate Cisplatin-Induced Neuropathic Pain by Reducing Loss of IENF and Blocking TRPV1 Activation

    DOI: 10.1142/S0192415X20500214

    PMID: 32138533

    Sample: Serum
  131. Acta Cirurgica Brasileira (2020) IF: 0.974
    TNF-alpha inhibitor Adal?mumab attenuates endotoxin induced cardiac damage in rats

    DOI: 10.1590/s0102-865020200020000002

    PMID: 32267288

    Sample: Serum
  132. Acta Cirurgica Brasileira (2019) IF: 0.974
    Effect of sevoflurane pretreatment in relieving liver ischemia/reperfusion-induced pulmonary and hepatic injury

    DOI: 10.1590/s0102-865020190080000005

    PMID: 31618405

    Sample: Serum
  133. Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences (2018)
    Effect of caffeine on Serum tumour necrosis factor alpha and lactate dehydrogenase in Wistar rats exposed to cerebral ischaemia-reperfusion injury

    DOI: 99999999

    PMID: 30091726

    Sample: Serum
  134. Pathology-Research and Practice (2018)
    miR-93-3p alleviates lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation and apoptosis in H9c2 cardiomyocytes by inhibiting toll-like receptor 4

    DOI: 10.1016/j.prp.2018.08.024

    PMID: 30195636

    Sample: Cell culture supernatant
  135. Mustansiriya Medical Journal (2018)
    Evaluation of the effects of TAK-242 and GIT-27 on methotrexate-induced liver injury

    DOI: 10.4103/MJ.MJ_15_18

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Serum
  136. Annals of RSCB (2018)
    The antioxidants are not enough. Malus sylvestris (L.) Mill. extract enhances the carbon tetrachloride liver toxicity in albino rats.

    DOI: 10.ANN/RSCB-2018-00018:RSCB

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Plasma
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    Role of hydroxytyrosol in ameliorating effects of high fat diet on male rats CNS

    DOI: 99999999

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Serum
  138. Jurnal Bio Komplementer Medicine (2019)

    DOI: 99999999

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Serum
  139. Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy (2019)
    Cardioprotective effects of a ruthenium (II) Schiff base complex in diet-induced prediabetic rats.

    DOI: 10.2147/DMSO.S183811

    PMID: 30858714

    Sample: Tissue homogenate,Plasma
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    Manganese suppresses oxidative stress, inflammation and caspase-3 activation in rats exposed to chlorpyrifos

    DOI: 10.1016/j.toxrep.2019.02.007

    PMID: 30859069

    Sample: Tissue homogenate
  141. Pathophysiology (2019)
    Pathophysiology of iron overload-induced renal injury and dysfunction: Roles of renal oxidative stress and systemic inflammatory mediators

    DOI: 10.1016/j.pathophys.2019.03.002

    PMID: 30910397

    Sample: Serum
  142. Clinical Cancer Drugs (2019)
    Coenzyme Q10 Attenuates Cisplatin-induced Nephrotoxicity Through Counteracting Oxidative Stress and Inflammation

    DOI: 10.2174/2212697X06666190701113043

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Serum,Tissue homogenate
  143. Journal of Diabetes and Islet Biology (2020)
    Assessment of the Effects of Crude Methanolic Extracts (Leaf and Twig) of Loranthus micranthus on Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats

    DOI: 10.31579/ 2641-8975/015

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Plasma
    Effects of methylene blue on the nitric oxide-soluble guanylate cyclase-cyclic guanylyl monophosphate pathway and cytokine levels in rats with sepsis

    DOI: 99999999

    PMID: 99999999

    Sample: Serum,Tissue homogenate
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