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Western Blot(WB) Related Reagents

Western Blot(WB) Related Reagents

Western Blot (WB) is one of the most conventional biological experiments. SDS-PAGE gel is used to transfer the separated proteins to the membrane (such as PVDF membrane). Then, the target protein is detected by the specific antibody that recognizes the target protein, and the specific antibody is recognized by the labeled second antibody. The technique is widely used to detect the expression of target protein level.

As we all know, there are many kinds of WB related reagents in the market. How to find a reliable and stable supplier? What reagents are needed for a complete set of WB experiments? Elabscience® provides you with one-stop WB experiment related reagents, which meet the needs of your various process experiments and solve your worries.

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Cat.No. Product Name Size Price
E-IR-R304A Western Blot Detection Kit (PVDF membrane, 0.45 μm) 50 Assays $210
E-IR-R304B Western Blot Detection Kit (PVDF membrane, 0.22 μm) 50 Assays $230
E-BC-R327 RIPA Lysis Buffer 20mL/50mL/100mL $25/60/80
E-BC-R288 5×SDS Loading Buffer 2mL/5mL/10mL $20/25/40
E-BC-K318 Total Protein (TP) Colorimetric Assay Kit (BCA Method) 96T / 500Assays $100/200
E-IR-R305 SDS-PAGE Gel kit 10Assays / 25Assays / 50Assays $36/60/96
E-BC-R273 Pre-stained Protein Marker(10-180kDa) 250μL/500μL/2.5mL $150/250/900
E-BC-R331 Electrophoresis Buffer (10 ×) 100mL/200mL/500mL $15/20/25
E-IR-R127 Ponceau S Solution 100mL/200mL/500mL $20/30/50
E-IR-R129 Fast Coomassie Blue Staining Solution(10×) 100mL/200mL $35/50
E-BC-R333 Transmembrane Buffer (10×) 100mL/200mL/500mL $10/15/20
E-BC-R266 PVDF Membrane(0.45μm) 8.5cm×6cm×10pieces/20pieces $100/160
13.25cm×15cm×10pieces/20pieces $280/450
E-BC-R329 PVDF Membrane(0.22μm) 8.5cm×6cm×10pieces/20pieces $145/229
13.25 cm×15 cm×10 pieces/20 pieces $440/640
E-BC-R337 Skim Milk Powder 5g/10g/50g $10/18/30
E-IR-R108 BSA 5g/10g/50g $60/100/400
E-IR-R107 5% BSA Blocking Buffer 5mL/10mL/50mL $8/10/30
E-IR-R121 Western Blotting Antibody Dilution Buffer 100mL/200mL/500mL $40/70/120
E-IR-R125 Western Antibody Dilution Buffer (Block Quickly) 100mL/200mL/500mL $50/80/150
E-AB-1001 Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L)-HRP 60μL/120μL/500μL $21/34/100
E-AB-1003 Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L)-HRP 60μL/120μL/500μL $21/34/100
E-AB-1004 Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG(H+L)-HRP 60μL/120μL/500μL $21/34/100
E-IR-R307 Excellent Chemiluminescent Substrate(ECL)Detection Kit 50mL/100mL/500mL $50/80/200
E-IR-R308 Super Excellent Chemiluminescent Substrate(ECL)Detection Kit 50mL/100mL/500mL $60/90/220
E-BC-R187 PBS Buffer, pH7.4(10×) 100mL/200mL/500mL $10/15/22
E-BC-R335 TBST Buffer (10×) 100mL/200mL/500mL $10/15/20
E-IR-R102 Western Blot Stripping Buffer (Neutral) 100mL/200mL/500mL $30/50/100
E-IR-R116 10×TBS(pH7.4) 100mL/200mL/500mL $10/15/20
E-IR-R310 PBST Buffer, pH7.4 (10 ×) 500mL $25

Western Blot Kit (E-IR-R304)

Western Blot (WB) is the most common and classical experimental method for detecting protein expression in the biological science. However, due to differences in reagent sources, methods of operation and experience used by different Laboratory Technician, a large number of WB experimental results do not meet the requirement of paper publishing. Elabscience has been focusing on the field of immunology for many years and has accumulated a lot of experience in WB operation. In order to help researchers solve the above problems, the Western Blot kit is now available. The reagents in this kit are provided for classical WB experiments, including all reagents needed from protein extraction to result detection, which have advantages of simple operation, high detection sensitivity, low background and strong system stability. And Elabscience provides detailed operation description and professional technical support. Additionally, it offers you convenience and guarantee to work out ideal Western Blot experiment results.

As the PVDF membranes have two pore sizes for different molecular weights of target proteins respectively. In order to meet different experimental requirements, we have designed two specifications of Western Blot kits.

E-IR-R304A (PVDF membrane, 0.45 μm) is recommended for the proteins detection with molecular weights more than 20 kDa.

E-IR-R304B (PVDF membrane, 0.22 μm) is recommended for the proteins detection with molecular weights less than 20 kDa.

  • E-IR-R304A
  • E-IR-R304B

E-IR-R304A (PVDF membrane, 0.45 μm) is recommended for the proteins detection with molecular weights more than 20 kDa.

Provided product

Product name Cat.No. Size Storage Shelf life
RIPA Lysis Buffer (with PMSF and Na3VO4) E-BC-R327 5 mL/50 μL+50 μL -20℃ 6 months
Total Protein Colorimetric Assay Kit (BCA method) E-BC-K318 48 T 4℃/-20℃ 6 months
Excellent Chemiluminescent Substrate Detection Kit E-BC-R347 15 mL/15 mL 4℃ 6 months
Pre-stained Protein Marker (10-180 kDa) E-BC-R273 25 µL -20℃ 12 months
Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L)-HRP E-AB-1003 20 µL -20℃ 12 months
Skim Milk Powder E-BC-R337 15 g RT 6 months
PBS Buffer, pH7.4 (10 ×) E-BC-R187 100 mL RT 6 months
5 × SDS Loading Buffer E-BC-R288 1 mL × 2 -20℃ 6 months
Electrophoresis Buffer (10 ×) E-BC-R331 125 mL × 2 RT 6 months
Transmembrane Buffer (10 ×) E-BC-R333 125 mL × 2 4℃ 6 months
TBST Buffer (10 ×) E-BC-R335 125 mL × 2 2~8°C 12 months
PVDF Membrane (0.45 μm, 8.5 × 6 cm) E-BC-R266 5 pieces RT 12 months

Alternative Reagent offer

Product name Cat.No. Size Storage Shelf life
Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L)-HRP E-AB-1001 20 µL -20℃ 12 months

Self-Prepared Reagent:Methanol

Instructions for user

This kit is for five gels (about 50 samples) with the Western Blot experiment.

Please store the reagents according to the storage conditions provided in the manual.

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